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Frederic Mousseau

Policy Director

Frédéric Mousseau is the Policy Director at the Oakland Institute, where he coordinates the Institute’s research and advocacy activities on land rights, food, agriculture, and international institutions. With over thirty years of experience, he has authored numerous reports, reviews, and articles on these issues. Trained as an economist, Frederic has worked as a staff member and consultant for international relief agencies for nearly two decades, including Action Against Hunger, Doctors Without Borders, and Oxfam International.

In addition to providing leadership to relief efforts in a number of crises around the world, he has designed and supervised food security programs in over 30 countries. He has also conducted numerous reviews and studies on food security policies, programs and institutions; and authored several reports and articles on these issues.

In recent years, Frédéric has focused on research, advocacy and policy work on food security as it relates to the role of international institutions, investment in agriculture and arable land, food price volatility, and food crises.