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  • RFI

    En Tanzanie, les Masaï sont toujours plus réprimés. La semaine dernière, une douzaine de villageois a été attaquée par une patrouille de l'armée tanzanienne alors qu'ils faisaient paître leur bétail à quelques kilomètres du parc national du Serengeti, au nord-est du pays. Le peuple semi-nomade voit ses terres systématiquement réduites au profit...

  • Thomson Reuters Foundation

    NAIROBI - Maasai herders near Tanzania’s famous Serengeti wildlife park have asked a regional court to stop the government intimidating witnesses supporting their legal bid to return to their ancestral land, a lawyer for the community said on Thursday.

  • Tourism Review Media

    The Maasai people are driven from their own lands. This is the sad finding of the Oakland Institute's report "Losing the Serengeti, the Maasai Land That Was to Last Forever". This study denounces the intimidation of these semi-nomadic herders who live in Kenya and Tanzania and more particularly in the Serengeti region, known worldwide for the...

  • Quartz

    Government officials and foreign companies in Tanzania are using ecotourism and conservation laws to displace indigenous Maasai people, evicting them and denying them access to watering holes and vital grazing for their livestock.

  • The Sydney Morning Herald

    Kampala, Uganda: Tens of thousands of Tanzania's ethnic Maasai people are homeless after the government burnt their houses to keep the savannah open for tourism benefiting two foreign safari companies, a US-based policy think-tank claims.

  • The Times

    Tens of thousands of Masai herders have been evicted and burnt out of their ancestral land in Tanzania to make way for exclusive safari tours, according to the findings of an investigation into environmental tensions in the region.



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