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Tanzania Squeezes Maasai by Seizing Livestock, Report Says

Guebert: American agriculture's Great Carbon Boondoggle, Part 2


  • AP

    The update from the Oakland Institute, a U.S.-based environmental think tank, found that the government forcefully confiscated some 5,880 cattle and 767 goats and sheep from the Maasai in November and December last year and is demanding that owners pay heavy fines.

  • Farm Forum

    Alan Guebert

    Many policy choices are made on politics alone while other key decision-making elements like cost, science, and even common sense play a lesser or no role at all.

    In the old days, this political math resulted in — literally and figuratively — “bridges to nowhere” that cost millions and did little other than raise the...

  • The American Conservative

    Global market liberalization and the war machine are happy bedfellows, as usual.

  • Telegraph Herald

    As highlighted here last week and according to a November report published by the Oakland Institute, a California-based think tank, Summit’s payroll includes General Counsel Jess Vilsack, the son of U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

  • IDN-InDepthNews

    By Thalif Deen

    UNITED NATIONS (IDN) — UN Secretary-General António Guterres has never ceased to warn about the impending hazards of climate change worldwide. “We are on a fast track to climate disaster,” he has predicted rather ominously and pointed out that some of the world’s major cities are under water.

    “There are...

  • Common Dreams

    The colonization of Indigenous lands in the name of conservation has devastated far too many lives and must immediately end.