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Dam in Ethiopia has wiped out indigenous livelihoods, report finds

The World Bank is driving a failed strategy in the DRC

Think Tank Report Highlights Tax Puzzle in PNG Logging Sector


  • NS Energy

    Despite boosting the country's energy output by 85%, Ethiopia's Gibe III dam has left an indelibly negative mark on the thousands of indigenous people living along the Omo River

    Set against the monolithic backdrop of Africa’s largest dam, Gibe III, the myriad indigenous populations of Ethiopia have been saddled with an austere ultimatum...

  • The Guardian
    A giant dam and irrigated sugar plantations are "wreaking havoc" in southern Ethiopia and threaten to wipe out tens of thousands of indigenous peoples, a US-based thinktank has claimed.
  • Mongabay
    A dam in southern Ethiopia built to supply electricity to cities and control the flow of water for irrigating industrial agriculture has led to the displacement and loss of livelihoods of indigenous groups, the Oakland Institute has found.
  • Radio New Zealand
    The Papua New Guinea government is planning to acquire more custom land and allow foreign companies to exploit it, two international NGOs say. Large swathes of land are already alleged to be illegally under the control of foreign loggers and miners.
  • Civil Eats
    Impossible’s "bleeding" veggie burger, shrimp made of algae, and vegan cheeses that melt are all making their way into restaurants and on to supermarket shelves, offering consumers a new generation of plant-based proteins that look, act, and taste far more like the real thing than ever before. What consumers may not realize, however, is that many...
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation
    ROME, April 4 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As candidates jostle to head the United Nations’ multibillion dollar food agency, experts called on Thursday for a strong leader to tackling rising hunger and climate change threats. Levels of hunger have grown for the past three years, with one in nine people - or 821 million - worldwide without enough...



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