Frederic Mousseau photo

Frederic Mousseau

Policy Director

Frédéric Mousseau is the Policy Director at the Oakland Institute where he coordinates the Institute’s research and advocacy activities on land investment, food security and agriculture. He has conducted numerous reviews and studies on food and agriculture and authored many reports and articles on these issues. Trained as an economist, Frederic has worked as a staff member and consultant for international relief agencies for nearly two decades, including Action Against Hunger, Doctors Without Borders, and Oxfam International.

In addition to providing leadership to relief efforts as Country Representative in several countries, he has designed and supervised food security programs in over 30 countries. He has also conducted numerous reviews and studies on food security policies, programs and institutions; and authored several reports and articles on these issues. His key publications include:

Walking on the West Side: the World Bank and the IMF in the Ukraine Conflict (Oakland Institute, 2014); On Our Land: Modern Land Grabs Reversing Independence in Papua New Guinea (Oakland Institute, 2013); Herakles Exposed: The Truth behind Herakles Farms False Promises in Cameroon (Oakland Institute/Greenpeace, 2013); Massive Deforestation Portrayed as Sustainable Investment: The Deceit of Herakles Farms in Cameroon (Oakland Institute / Greenpeace, 2012); SOCFIN Land Investment in Sierra Leone (Oakland Institute 2012); Achieving Regional Integration, The Key to Success for the Fight Against Hunger in West Africa (ACF International Network and Oakland Institute, 2011); Addressing Chronic Food Insecurity in the Horn of Africa: Good Practice Identified but Commitment Needed? (Regional Learning and Advocacy Programme for Vulnerable Dry Lands Communities (REGLAP), 2010); The High Food Price Challenge: A Review of Responses to Combat Hunger (UK Hunger Alliance / Oakland Institute, 2010); A Billion Hungry People, Governments and Aid Agencies Must Rise to the Challenge (Oxfam GB, 2009); The Time is Now: How World Leaders Should Respond to the Food Price Crisis (Oxfam GB, 2008); Sahel: Prisoner of Starvation? Case Study of the 2005 Food Crisis in Niger (Oakland Institute, 2006); Zimbabwe: Insights into the Humanitarian Crisis and Food Politics (Action contre la Faim, 2006); Food Aid or Food Sovereignty? Ending World Hunger in Our Time (Oakland Institute, 2005); Roles of and Alternatives to Food Aid in Southern Africa (Oxfam GB, 2004); Food Aid Handbook (Action contre la Faim, 2002).

In recent years, Frédéric has focused on research, advocacy and policy work on food security as it relates to investment in agriculture and arable land, food price volatility, and the global food crisis.