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Academic Calls for Complete Stop on Logging

March 10, 2016

Freddy Mou

An academic at the University of Papua New Guinea, Dr Topul Rali says the country should stop logging altogether.

He said logging has done more damages than good to our forest since Independence and it’s time to stop logging and re-evaluate the way it should be done in future.

He said with the way logging was being carried out in PNG today:

  • hectares of tropical rainforest has been destroyed one way without being re-planted;
  • Effects are contributing to global warming;
  • Tens of thousands of animal and plant species both unknown to science and classified as “endemic” and “endangered” were being destroyed and subject to poaching and exploitation;
  • Country and landowner benefits were propositionally minimal to the value of log harvested;
  • Tax obligations were evaded by loggers exerting pressure on export earnings and kina value;
  • Employment obligations were evaded;
  • Social and cross-cutting issues affecting communities such as log-site prostitution were on the rise and inevitable; and
  • Log ships were used as transit points for illicit substances, money laundering and illegal immigrants.