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Wall Street Buys The Farm Du Jour — June 23, 2015

Rising prices for farmland, doubling in a decade, have brought prosperity to a generation of farmers. Jumping on this trend is a passel of financial institutions, all of them eager to buy their own version of Green Acres. And that has some people worried. 

Targeting Tamils Against the Grain — June 3, 2015

Did the targeting of Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan military stop when the 26-year-long civil war ended in 2009? A report authored by Anuradha Mittal reveals that traditional Tamil homelands are still under heavy military occupation, thousands of forcibly displaced Tamils remain in limbo, and official policies continue to marginalize and torment the Tamil population.

U.S. Think Tank Urges Continued Human Rights Pressure on Sri Lanka Reuters — May 28, 2015

There is little hope of post-war reconciliation in Sri Lanka unless the new government acts to end the oppression of minority Tamils and ensure reconciliation, a U.S. think tank said on Thursday, urging continued pressure on the country.

Ethiopians talk of violent intimidation as their land is earmarked for foreign investors The Guardian — April 14, 2015

The human cost of Ethiopia’s “villagisation” programme is laid bare by damning first person testimony published on Tuesday.

The east African country has long faced criticism for forcibly relocating tens of thousands of people from their ancestral homes to make way for large scale commercial agriculture, often benefiting foreign investors. Those moved to purpose-built communes are allegedly no longer able to farm or access education, healthcare and other basic services.


  • International Business Times

    Under a scrappy tarpaulin, Siasa Kasanura sits on a plastic chair surrounded by the impeccably organised records of his village. Wedged among the piles of folders and papers, Kasanura, the community chairperson, says he is uncertain he can keep it all in order for much longer.

  • New Internationalist

    Over the last decade, as many African countries surf on high levels of growth, the continent has become an increasingly attractive place for private investment. This is especially true in agriculture, as transnational agribusiness giants like Monsanto flock to the continent to take advantage of the growing opportunity for profits. These...

  • UCA News

    Gutted homes, poor infrastructure and a heavy military presence cast a long shadow over the future

  • CounterPunch

    In October of last year, World Food Day celebrated ‘Family Farming: Feeding the world, caring for the earth’. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s website, the family farming theme was chosen to raise the profile of family farming and smallholder farmers. The aim was to focus world attention on the significant role of family...

  • Orion

    Ross Wilken, twenty-three, and his father, Harold Wilken, don’t look much like starry-eyed radicals as they inspect their fields of black beans just west of Danforth, Illinois. The hot, wet afternoon sun beats down on their greasy jeans and tired eyes like it does on any other farmer. But their twenty-three hundred acres of organic crops,...


    Indian firms have a sprawling land empire abroad, especially in Ethiopia, as part of a move encouraged by different governments to safeguard the nation's food supply. But is the policy truly succeeding in helping feed over a billion Indians?

    Erratic weather in India repeatedly causes a scare about low food stocks and rising inflation. As...


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