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Ethiopians talk of violent intimidation as their land is earmarked for foreign investors The Guardian — April 14, 2015

The human cost of Ethiopia’s “villagisation” programme is laid bare by damning first person testimony published on Tuesday.

The east African country has long faced criticism for forcibly relocating tens of thousands of people from their ancestral homes to make way for large scale commercial agriculture, often benefiting foreign investors. Those moved to purpose-built communes are allegedly no longer able to farm or access education, healthcare and other basic services.

World Bank's Conference on Land & Poverty is a Cruel Farce The Ecologist — March 21, 2015

On Monday the World Bank's Conference on Land and Poverty begins in the US. But farmer organizations, indigenous groups, trade unions and others denounce the whole exercise as a sham that, in tandem with other Bank initiatives, is all about accelerating corporate land grabs and robbing the poor that the Bank was founded to assist.

Is H&M Turning a Blind Eye to Land Grabs in Ethiopia? A TV4 Investigation into H&M's Sourcing of Cotton from Ethiopia (English Subtitles) TV4 — November 28, 2014

Is H&M turning a blind eye to land grabs in Ethiopia? TV4 does an investigation into H&M's cotton sourcing from Ethiopia and discovers the disturbing truth.

The Hidden Hands Behind East-West Tug of War in Ukraine Al Jazeera — August 1, 2014

News from Brussels on July 28 and from Washington on July 29 that both the EU and US are stepping up sanctions on Russia have been met with a general "it's about time" from the world. Nobody outside Russia, it seems, has trouble roundly condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin for fuelling this terrible conflict, or approving of punitive western responses.


  • IPS

    In this column, Karine Jacquemart, Forest Project Leader for Africa at Greenpeace International, and Anuradha Mittal Executive Director of the Oakland Institute, argue that the land rush unleashed around the world to own and exploit Earth’s natural bounty is not only fierce and unfair, but increasingly fatal, with lands, homes and forests...

  • The Feminist Wire

    According to the UN’s Trade and Environment Review, food security, poverty, gender inequality, and climate change can all be collectively addressed with a systemic paradigm shift away from giant monoculture agriculture to localized organic farms. But to address where we need to be, we must first understand where we are. As such, I’d like to...

  • Black Star News

    [Op-Ed: Letter To Ethiopian Ambassador to U.K.]

    Dear Ambassador Berhanu Kebede,

    The response from the Ethiopian embassy to our report, We Say the Land is Not Yours, and the Guardian article ...

  • Inter Press Service

    ADDIS ABABA, Apr 25 2015 (IPS) - The 28 Ethiopian migrants of Christian faith murdered by the Islamic State (IS) on Apr. 19 in Libya had planned to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of work in Europe.

    Commenting on the killings to Fana Broadcasting Corporation (FBC), Ethiopian government spokesperson Redwan Hussien urged...

  • New Eastern Outlook

    It is believed that there are just over 1.4 billion hectares of land potentially suitable for agricultural production in the world. According to many Western experts, today agricultural land assets are highly profitable business investments, and therefore in the coming...

  • Standard Times Press

    Oakland, CA – As the World Bank prepares for its annual Spring Meetings, members of Our Land Our Business, a campaign of over 260 NGOs, farmer groups and trade unions from around the world, are publically posing three questions about the Bank’s role in land grabbing, climate destruction and the corporatization of agriculture.



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