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Ethiopia: human rights groups criticise UK-funded development programme The Guardian — January 20, 2015

A major UK- and World Bank-funded development programme in Ethiopia may have contributed to the violent resettlement of a minority ethnic group, a leaked report reveals.

Is H&M Turning a Blind Eye to Land Grabs in Ethiopia? A TV4 Investigation into H&M's Sourcing of Cotton from Ethiopia (English Subtitles) TV4 — November 28, 2014

Is H&M turning a blind eye to land grabs in Ethiopia? TV4 does an investigation into H&M's cotton sourcing from Ethiopia and discovers the disturbing truth.

'Nightmare' for Ethiopian pastoralists as foreign investors buy up land The Guardian — November 10, 2014

Ethiopia’s policy of leasing millions of hectares of land to foreign investors is encouraging human rights violations, ruining livelihoods and disturbing a delicate political balance between ethnic groups, a thinktank report has found.

The Hidden Hands Behind East-West Tug of War in Ukraine Al Jazeera — August 1, 2014

News from Brussels on July 28 and from Washington on July 29 that both the EU and US are stepping up sanctions on Russia have been met with a general "it's about time" from the world. Nobody outside Russia, it seems, has trouble roundly condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin for fuelling this terrible conflict, or approving of punitive western responses.


  • Reuters

    ROME, Feb 27 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The crisis in Ukraine looks set to trigger major changes in its vast agricultural sector with state-owned farm land and small family plots likely to go up for sale despite concerns over the impact on local farmers, according to development experts.

    Ukraine, known as Europe's bread basket, has...

  • Seeking Alpha

    As the crisis in Ukraine continued to drag on last year on the ground with violent conflict, as well as a deterioration of the economic situation due to other effects, such as declining trade with Russia, the IMF came to the conclusion that the initial bailout agreed to in April for $27 billion will not be enough. It identified a gap of $15...

  • RINF

    According to Mathew Holehouse in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper (here), former UK Environment Minister Owen Paterson will this week accuse the European Union and Greenpeace of...

  • MintPress News

    Ukraine has become a nation synonymous with the daily headlines, from the trail of western intervention and subversion that lead to a violent coup in 2013 to the devastating civil war that has torn the nation apart. These stories, as crucial as they are to investigate, have provided the perfect cover for international corporations to exploit...

  • The Gazette

    DES MOINES — Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement plans to counter what it calls a “corporate” ag summit scheduled for early next month.

    Instead of the Iowa Ag Summit, planned for March 7 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, Iowa CCI will hold its own Food & Ag Justice Summit March 6 and 7 at the group’s headwquarters in Des Moines.

  • The Patriot

    OF LATE, some Zimbabweans who are now resident (or citizens) in the UK, have been disposing their properties in Zimbabwe to pay deposits for mortgages in the UK.
    Those doing so see it as wise investment, while others believe they will never go back to live in Zimbabwe.
    “Buy a stand in Zimbabwe and develop it. Build a house or a...


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