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The Tamil Diplomat —
March 20, 2017

Anuradha Mittal, the Executive Director of the Oakland Institute has warned that granting more time to Sri Lanka to implement the UN resolution will only delay justice for those who have already waited for a very long time.

Deutsche Welle —
January 24, 2017

In a Uganda forest reserve, green goals and community land rights are at odds. It's a story being played out across Africa, as investors scramble to lease and buy vast tracts.

October 12, 2016
Foreign-owned companies have become the latest targets of violence during the unrest in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Government officials are worried the violence could derail the country's economic growth, but analysts say addressing protesters' grievances is also key to maintaining the nation's upward economic trajectory.
Le Monde —
September 28, 2016
Des communautés de Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée ont remporté leur première bataille : elles vont pouvoir récupérer leurs terres après la décision de la Cour suprême d’invalider des baux très controversés accordés à des entreprises étrangères. Environ un tiers de ce pays, situé entre l’Indonésie et l’Australie, est  entre les mains d’intérêts étrangers, principalement des compagnies d’exploitation forestière, selon l’ONG Oakland Institute, basée aux Etats-Unis.




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