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Establish an Independent International Judicial Process on Sri Lanka: Eminent International Citizens Jointly Insist UNHRC

In an open letter to the members of the United Nations Human Rights Council, more than 60 eminent citizens from around the world including Human Rights activists, Intellectuals, Researchers, Legal Experts, Academics, and Retired Diplomats have jointly said that the responsibility of the International community with regard to Sri Lanka should not terminate with the publication of the OISL Report, but UNHRC should establish an independent international judicial process under UN auspices with regard to the War Crimes.

62 Eminent Persons Worldwide Call for International Judicial Process for Sri Lanka

Sixty-two eminent persons around the world called on the UN Human Rights Council to establish an international independent judicial process under the auspices of the UN to investigate the mass atrocities committed at the final stages of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka in 2009, in an open letter to the UNHRC released on Monday. 

UN Urged Not to Fail on Sri Lanka for the Second Time

Over fifty eminent citizens around the globe have called upon the UN top human rights body to establish an independent international judicial process to investigate and prosecute war crimes committed in Sri Lanka's civil war.

Open Letter Calls for International Judicial Process for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Sri Lanka

An open letter from a group of eminent international citizens to member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council to ensure justice, truth, and peace for all in Sri Lanka.


Dear colleagues at the Human Rights Council,

Land Grabbing Prevalent in Food Insecure Countries

The increasing trend of international land grabbing – when governments and private firms invest in or purchase large tracts of land in other countries for the purpose of agricultural production and export – can have serious environmental and social consequences. Investors claim that land grabs can help alleviate the world food crisis by tapping into a country’s ‘unused’ agricultural potential, but such investments often do more harm than good, disrupting traditional land use and leaving half a billion family farmers vulnerable to exploitation.

Ukraine Agribusiness Firms in 'Quiet Land Grab' with Development Finance

Hundreds of millions of dollars in development finance from the World Bank’s investment arm have helped to fund the controversial expansion of a billionaire’s agribusiness empire in Ukraine, amid growing concern that land and farming in the country are increasingly falling into the hands of a few wealthy individuals.

Kritikk Av Plantasjedrift Gir Steile Fronter

Den norske støtten til en kjempeplantasje i Kilombero i Tanzania får kritikk i ny rapport. Kritikerne mener det bør satses mer på småbønder enn store plantasjer. – Denne rapporten bidrar til mer polarisering av debatten rundt investeringer i afrikansk landbruk, mener forsker.

I en rapport fra den amerikanske tenketanken Oakland Institute og organisasjonene Greenpeace Africa og Global Justice Now kritiseres risplantasjen Kilombero Plantations Ltd (KPL) i Tanzania. I rapporten hevdes det at:

Land Campaigners Criticise World Bank Doing Business and Benchmarking of the Business of Agriculture in Africa

As a promoter and financer of large-scale land investments in agriculture, the World Bank Group has been accused by campaigners on land rights issues as key driver of land grabbing in the developing world.