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A Statement from the Oakland Institute on the Conference on Land Policy in Africa

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A Statement from the Oakland Institute on the Conference on Land Policy in Africa


'Nightmare' for Ethiopian pastoralists as foreign investors buy up land

Ethiopia’s policy of leasing millions of hectares of land to foreign investors is encouraging human rights violations, ruining livelihoods and disturbing a delicate political balance between ethnic groups, a thinktank report has found.

Land Wars: Ethiopia Accused of Massacring Civilians to Clear Way for Foreign Farms

WARNING: This article contains disturbing images

Ethiopia, one of the world's hungriest countries, is selling off vast chunks of its land to foreign investors who are growing food products for export — and those who get in the government's way are being killed or silenced, according to a new investigation.

Response from the Oakland Institute to CEO Mads Asprem’s letter in reaction to the report, The Darker Side of Green: Plantation Forestry and Carbon Violence in Uganda

The recent release of our report has engendered a written response from Green Resources’ CEO, Mr Mads Asprem, received on November 3, 2014. Here we clarify a number of issues he has raised.

To begin, Mr Asprem claims that Associate Professor Kristen Lyons and Dr. Peter Westoby misrepresented themselves as students while working in Uganda, and in their approach to engaging with him and/or Green Resources staff. With over twenty years experience working as social researchers in international contexts, the researchers have developed clear procedures related to professional conduct in the field. Given that Associate Professor Lyons met with the Ugandan Director of Green Resources, Mr. Isaac Kapalaga, at least four times over two years, it is strange that the company did not understand the researchers’ role and positions.

Avviser kritisk skog-rapport

Norske Green Resources refses i ny rapport om selskapets skogplantasjer i Uganda. Selskapet avviser kritikken og peker på at det er ugandiske myndigheter som legger rammene for virksomheten.


The darker side of green

New research unveiled today in Oslo debunks many of the popular claims that carbon trading represents a ‘win-win’ for rural communities and the environment. First hand accounts from Uganda reveal that some villagers have experienced forced evictions, restricted access to land and food, in addition to loss of livelihood – all in the name of international ‘green’ investment. 

Kaller norsk klimaskog «karbonvold»

Den amerikanske tankesmien Oakland Institute beskriver i en ny rapport problemer som skogsdriften til det norske selskapet Green Resources skaper for lokalbefolkningen i Uganda. Selskapet har kjøpt opp store landområder og planter skog for å få ned klimagassutslipp, for så å tjene penger ved å selge klimakvoter.

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