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The World Banks' Willful Blindness

April 28, 2014
KBOO--Locus Focus
How the World Bank is behind the rampant theft of land and resources from the world's poorest people

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Guess who's responsible for precious land being swiped away from poor farmers in the developing world? It's not corrupt dictators, nor is it Mother Nature -- it's the World Bank. On this episode of Locus Focus, we'll talk with Anuradha Mittal, executive director of the Oakland Institute, whose new report , Willful Blindness -- How the World Bank's Doing Business (DB) Rankings Impoverish Smallholder Farmers, shows how the powerful entity is behind the rampant theft of land and resources from some of the world's poorest people. 

We'll hear about how the Bank's "Doing Business" rankings, which score countries according to how Washington officials perceive the "ease of doing business" there, have caused many developing-country leaders to deregulate their economies in hopes of attracting foreign investment. But what the World Bank considers beneficial for foreign business is very often the exact opposite for existing farmers and herders.

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Listen to the interview