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Why Our Western Colonial Model of Wildlife Conservation Must Be Changed

April 11, 2022

The Northern Rangelands Trust, or NRT, is one of the largest conservation organizations in the world, setting up community conservations across nearly 10% of Kenya.

Last year, they were called out in a scathing report from the Oakland Institute called Stealth Game, which put forth many allegations of wrongful behavior within the NRT, an organization backed by several household names such as The Nature Conservancy & The World Wildlife Fund.

While the NRT adamantly denies these allegations and is working on developing it’s own internal study, this report highlights a conversation we need to have about the Western Colonial model of wildlife conservation and why it needs to change if we are ever going to reach true climate justice.

What are those solutions and why are these allegations against the NRT so concerning? I sit down with Oakland Institute founder and executive director Anuradha Mittal in today’s episode.