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Today We Stand with Love, Compassion, Hope and Celebration of Our Differences

November 9, 2016

Dear friends,

No one could have predicted the outcome of yesterday’s vote.

Was it the rejection of the establishment and policies that have been working against the working poor for decades? Was it a white-lash after eight years of having a Black President? Was it a reactionary vote against immigrants, Muslims, Blacks, people of color and against the LGBT communities? Was it a result of voter suppression?

Whatever motivated this vote, the victory went to a candidate who has become the very face of bigotry, misogyny, racism, greed, and contempt for the environment and the climate.

For us at the Oakland Institute, this election result makes it clear, today more than ever, it is time for action and mobilization, for respect and celebration of differences between people, religions, race, gender, and for the respect and the stewardship of our environment and our planet!

Fearlessness, justice, integrity, and compassion have always guided our work. Inspired by our allies who struggle everyday to stop destructive land grabs, water grabs, resource extraction, corruption, and human rights violations, we renew our commitment to these values.

On this day, let us be guided by hope. In our own Oakland, 82 percent of voters approved the creation of a Police Commission run by civilians to oversee the Oakland Police Department. Over 70 percent approved measures to increase renters’ protection and affordable housing. Big Soda was defeated with a 60 percent approval for a tax on sugary drinks.

Today, the students of three East Bay high schools — Berkeley High, Oakland Tech and Bishop O’Dowd — and UC Berkeley walked out to protest bigotry, hate, and division, bred by Trump. Nationally, this presidential campaign witnessed an unprecedented mobilization of young people for a fair, tolerant, diverse, and open society.

So, tell a friend to tell a friend that this is not the time to mourn. This is not the time to be afraid.

This is the time to organize and mobilize. At the Oakland Institute, we have just renewed our commitment to that.


Anuradha, Frederic, Alice, Elizabeth, and Tak