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Take Action: Free Nasako Besingi!

Take Action: Release Nasako Besingi!

Nasako Besingi was arrested in Mundemba, Ndian Division on September 25, 2017 and taken to an unknown location. No information was given to his family and lawyer about the charges against him.

Mr. Besingi, Executive Director of Struggle to Economize Future Environment (SEFE), is an internationally renowned human rights defender and an environmental activist in Cameroon. In recent years, he has been arrested, assaulted, and sued in court for helping communities from the southwest region challenge Herakles Farms from grabbing their lands to set up of a 20,000 hectare palm oil plantation.

In January 2016, he was sentenced by a local court to either pay a fine of 344,400 CFA Francs (approximately $616) or serve one year’s imprisonment, on charges of “participating in the organization and holding of an undeclared public meeting.” The charges were based on allegations made against him by Herakles Farms, following a demonstration, in which Nasako Besingi distributed t-shirts displaying the quote “No plantation on our land. Herakles farms out!”

This judicial harassment against him in response to his peaceful work promoting human rights in Cameroon is appalling. Demand the immediate release of Nasako Besingi; that his family and lawyer be immediately informed of the location of his detention, of the charges against him; and allow them immediate access to him.