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The Swedish Energy Agency has Stopped Buying Carbon Credits from Green Resources' Destructive Plantations in Uganda

March 11, 2020
REDD Monitor

The Swedish Energy Agency has cancelled its contract to buy carbon credits from Green Resources. The Swedish Energy Agency has finally recognised the impacts that Green Resources’ industrial tree plantations have on local communities in Kachung in Uganda.

The Swedish Energy Agency’s decision followed a field visit to Kachung. According to a report by Development Today, Swedish Energy Agency’s staff found “villagers were deprived of vital resources and experienced threats and violence, and there is a lack of clarity regarding ownership in the reserve.”

Development Today’s editor, Bjørn H Amland writes on Twitter that an “on-going law suit over land in Uganda was a dealbreaker”.

Green Resources is a Norwegian company, founded in 1995. On its website, the company claims to be “a sustainable forestry company aiming at growing plantation forests across East Africa in a sustainable and socially just manner”. The company’s plantations generate carbon credits and timber products.