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Scholar says comprehensive land policy that protects locals' rights the solution to land grabs in Africa

February 4, 2015
Business & Human Rights Resource Center

"Is ‘Land Policy’ the Solution to Land Grab in Africa?"

The debate over large scale land investments in Africa is shifting its focus away from the disastrous impact of land grabs on the social fabric of the communities to the need for African governments to deal with citizens’ outrage over land expropriation by developing a ‘land policy’...

Many challenges lie ahead for the African continent. According to the United Nations, Africa’s population will increase by nearly 1 billion over the next 35 years. Large-scale land investments will not create enough jobs for the millions of young Africans projected to be on the continent by 2050. It is pertinent that African governments must develop a bold development agenda that leverages the availability of arable land to expand domestic production and ensure food security on the continent.