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Report in the News: A Partial Listing

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Lots Of Food, Not Enough Aid
Tom Paine, June 26, 2007

Food Aid 'Overhaul' Would Save Money and Lives
July 27, 2006

What Will it Take for the WTO to Notice Starving Children in Niger or Malawi?
Spring 2006, Vol. 21, No.1

US, EU Spar Over Food Aid, Subsidies Sidelined
December 14, 2005

Charlie Rose Tell Us What You Think: WTO and US Food Aid to Poor Countries
December 2005

North Korea Needs Development, Not Food Aid
December 2005

Freedom to Trade or Freedom From Hunger?
December 12, 2005

Critics Slam System as Food Aid to Guatemala Lags
December 7, 2005

This Thanksgiving, Help Change Food Aid Policy to End Hunger
November, 2005

In a World of Plenty, Food Does Not Reach Those in Need
November 24, 2005

Combat Hunger With New Policies
November 24, 2005

Wrong-Headed Food Policy

U.S. Food Policy and Hunger
November 24, 2005 November 24, 2005

Congress Blocks Local Procurement of Food Aid While Famine in Southern Africa Reinforces Need for Drastic Change
November 23, 2005

With Snow Forecast in Kashmir, Tens of Thousands at Risk
November 8, 2005

Food Aid vs. Food Sovereignty
October 27, 2005

The Oakland Institute Releases New Report on Food Aid Programs Famine in Niger Reinforces the Need for Drastic Changes in Food Aid
October 26, 2005

Oakland Institute Releases Roadmap to End Hunger
October 17, 2005

Food Aid or Food Sovereignty? Ending World Hunger in Our Time, Column Distributed Internationally by the Inter Press Service
October 16, 2005

Global Food Aid Programs Must Prioritize Food Sovereignty in Developing Nations
October 14, 2005

Oakland Institute Releases Roadmap to End Hunger
October 14, 2005