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March on New York: Still We Rise, August 30, 2004

"No Bush No Kerry: We Want a Real Choice," chanted the Cheer Leaders Squad
A Young Protestor at the March

Madison Square Garden, The Site of the RNC, Cordoned Off by the Police

Protest Signs on Homes and Windows

Protest Signs

Still We Rise March Brought Together Diverse Groups Around a United Cause

Immigrants Groups Demanding Justice

March for Our Lives: Stop the War at Home, August 30, 2004

Cheri Honkala of the KWRU Addressing the Crowds at the Rally

Billionaires for Bush is a grassroots media campaign that is changing voters' minds in swing districts. Using humor, street theatre, and creative media, the group is working to show how the Bush administration has favored the corporate elite at the expense of everyday Americans

New York Police Formed a Barricade Around the Rally

A Protestor With His Sign at the Rally

Leslie Cagan of the United for Peace and Justice Being Interviewed at the Rally

Tom Hayden and Bernardine Dohrn, SDS Activists From 1968 Chicago Convention at the March For Our Lives

An Activist Being taken Away in the Paddy Wagon