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Overview of Regional Policies and Biosafety Laws in Africa

Overview of Regional Policies and Biosafety Laws in Africa
The Current Status

By Mariam Mayet
African Centre for Biosafety
July 2004
Regional Policies and Biosafety Laws in Africa
1. Regional Policies
2. Biotech Investments
3. Biosafety Initiatives Posing a Threat
4. Overview of Biosafety Frameworks
5. Conclusions and Remarks

Regional Policies - NEPAD
Mugabe’s recommendations
SADC Guidelines
AU initiatives
(a)   NEPAD
∑† Enhancement of capacity;
∑† Regional consensus.
Regional Polcies Con’t
(b)   John’ Mugabe’s proposal-est African
Panel on Biotech
 “African policies are confused”
Implementation of BSP
Assistance in WTO and othaer for a
Harmonisation of Biosafety regulations
Network centres of excellence

SADC Guidelines on GMOs. Biotech and Biosagfety
·Handling of Food Aid (transit info centre; source regionally; PIC; whole grain milled and sterilised; identification for food aid in transit; FAIT, use AU model law;)
Policy and Regulations (dev NBP and NB reg sys, ratification BSP; harmonised policy and reg system AU Model law; no imports of GM grain for seed without approved guidelines; RA case-by-case basis; and every genetic modification should be tested in the environment under which released)
Capacity Building (SADC commission studies on impact)
·  Public Awareness and Participation

AU’s Initiatives
∑† AU Model law on Safety in Biotechnology

∑† Expert’ Committee’s recommendations; 
Biotech Investments
$ 100 million-CABIO-US government at WSSD
Monsanto Fund
ISAAA projects (funded by USAID, Bayer, CropScience, Monsanto, Pioneer, Syngenta, Cargill, Dow, USDA)
AATF-MOA signed in Burkina Faso at June WA conference

Biotech Investments con’t
IITP & CGIAR –“Harvest Plan” for 2nd generation GM crops ($ 100 million of which $25 million from Bill Gates)
Mali-Study by GRAIN-Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Agrosciences supported by USAID 5 year roll out plan for GM cotton;
Nigeria-USAID MOA with govt of Nigeria and IITP N400 million for agricultural biotech R&D

Biosafety Initiatives Posing a Threat
∑ USAID at the forefront-APBS
∑†Private sector partners-Asgrow, Monsanto Corp, Gart seed comp, Pioneer Hi-Bred, DNA plant tech;
∑†Southern Africa-SARB-influence on Malawi BF, clearest example of undue influence;
∑†East and Central Africa-ASARECA;
∑††USAIDs, PBS-run by ISNAR $14. 8 million

Overview of Biosafety Frameworks
South Africa-Biosafety Law
Zambia-response to USAID’s comments
Uganda-background information-push for Bt cotton
Kenya-Draft Bill
Malawi-Biosafety framework under SARB
Cameroon-Biosafety Law.

Regional Policies and Biosafety Laws and Policies