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Oromia/Gambella/Ethiopia: 36% of Land Grabs in Oromia; Half of Gambella to Be Grabbed

June 9, 2011
Ayyaantuu Oromiyaa


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The California-based think tank, the Oakland Institute, published its latest report on Ethiopia: “Understanding Land Investment Deals in Africa; Country Report: Ethiopia” in May 2011 in collaboration with the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia.

The report finds, among others, that 36% of the land so far given away by the Meles Zenawi regime is in Oromia (i.e. 1,319,214 Hectares of the 3,619,509 Hectares of land grabbed by neo-colonizers throughout the empire as of January 2011). On the other hand, 42% and 27% of the land in Gambella and Benishangul-Gumuz, respectively, has already been grabbed or is up for grabs. The report by the Oakland Institute and the Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia underlines that these figures “likely understate the true extent of land investment, as only the most reliable information was included in this table.” (see table below)


To Read Full Report Document, click here