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Oakland Institute in the News, 2011

In Corrupt Global Food System, Farmland Is the New Gold
International Policy Center, UNDP, February, 2011

Latest Food Crisis Brewing for Months
Inter Press Service, January 10, 2011

Oakland Institute in the News, 2010

Seed Leaders Pioneer, Monsanto See South Africa Backlash
Reuters, December 10, 2010

The 2007-08 Food Crisis: Have the Lessons Been Learnt?
Third World Resurgence, Issue No. 240

US Food Aid Falls Short of its Own Campaign
IRIN, November 1, 2010

Feeding the World 4: Land
LEISA's Farm, October 10, 2010

World Bank Admits 'Land Grab' Risks, Proceeds Anyway
Bretton Woods Project, September 30, 2010

The New African Land Grab
Socialist Worker, September 7, 2010

Land Grabs are Cheap Deals for Rich Countries
Farming Matters, September 2010

World Bank Report Decries Global Land Grab While Encouraging It
Uprising, KPFK, September 10,2010.

Is The World Prepared for the Next Food Crisis?
IPS, September 2010

Peut-on réguler la spéculation sur les terres agricoles?
Novethic, September, 2010

In Bid for Food Security, Qatar Sows Seeds Globally
The National, September 2, 2010

Global Food Security and Sovereignty Threatened by Corporate and Government "Land Grabs" in Poor Countries
Democracy Now, August 24,2010

The Land Rush Doesn't Have to End in a Poor Deal for Africans
Guardian, August 16, 2010

Innovations in Access to Land: Land Grab or Agricultural Investment?
The Huffington Post, August 5, 2010

Yesterday's colonised, today's coloniser
The Hindu, August 2, 2010

Selling the Farm
ABC News, July 2010

Ethiopia, Where Food Aid Sustains Hunger
Ethiomedia, July 23, 2010

G8 Hunger Aid Insufficient, Report Warns
World Watch, July 12, 2010

Tackling the Global Food Crisis: A Mission Unaccomplished
Common Dreams, July 8, 2010

World Bank Work on Land Supports "a New Form of Colonialism"
Brettonwoods Project, June 17, 2010

La Banque mondiale accusée de favoriser l’accaparement des terres africaines par des groupes étrangers
May 25, 2010

The World Bank in the Hot Seat Over Land Grabbing
Common Dreams, May 7,2010

Sierra Leone: Protecting Investors, but What About the People? - Dissecting the Contradictions of Agricultural Investment
African Crisis, May 6, 2010

Commercialization and Land Grabbing in the Struggling Agricultural Sector
The Reporter, May 1, 2010

World Bank Promotes Land Grab
Ethioquest, April 28, 2010

Call for Ending All Forms of Land Grabbing
The Turkish Weekly, April 28, 2010

Foreign Farming in Ethiopia
VOA Horn of Africa Service, March, 2010

Activists, Researchers Raise Alarm on Africa’s Land Grab’
Voice of America, January 28, 2010

Best of Flashpoints
January 7, 2010

Un Mouvement Spéculatif Mondial : Ruée sur
Le Monde Diplomatique, January 8, 2010


Oakland Institute in the News, 2009

The World Turned Out in Seattle
Yes Magazine, November/December 2009

The Meaning of Geneva
VIDC, December 18, 2009

Trade Shifts: Reflections on the Seattle WTO Protests
Making Contact, December, 2009

Your Call Radio
KALW, December 10, 2009

The Spirit of Seattle Today
The Nation, November 30, 2009

Rich Countries Buying up Farmland in Poor Countries
Rabble, CA, November 24, 2009

IFC Lends a Hand in Great Land Grab"
Bretton Woods Project, November 20, 2009

Strong Ties Profit Bay Area, India, Report Says
San Francisco Chronicle, November 20, 2009

Rich Countries Feeding on Poor Countries' Farmland
Environmental News Service, November 2, 2009

Land Grabs for Food Production Under Fire
Inter Press Service, October 2009

Land Grab No 'Win-Win' For The Poor
IDN-In Depth News, October, 2009

World Hunger, The Food Crisis and the Great Land Grab
A Info Radio project, October 15, 2009

Land Grabs for Food Production Under Fire
IPS, October 23, 2009

A House Divided: China after 30 Years of ‘Reforms’
Economic & Political Weekly, July 31, 2009

‘Moral carbon’ offsetting tool for the G-8
Business Mirror, July 14, 2009

Failed Formulas in New Clothing
Deccan Herald, July 14, 2009

G8 Summit: Feed the Hungry or Fuel Hunger?
Foreign Policy in Focus, July 8, 2009

What Will the G8 Summit Accomplish: Feed the Hungry or Fuel Hunger?
Common Dreams, July 9, 2009

The Green Crusaders
The Indian American, May-June, 2009

CNN's Interview with Christine Ahn, Senior Fellow
CNN, June 8, 2009

The Elephant and the Dragon What Difference Does a Revolution Make? A Preliminary Contrast of India & China
The India Economic Review, May 2009

Misguided Philanthropy Cannot Feed Africa
Inter Press Service,
March, 2009

Hungry or not, don’t force GM down our throats
The East African,
March 21, 2009

Gates Agriculture Program Under Fire
Chronicle of Philanthropy,
March 5, 2009

African Farmers and Environmentalists Speak Out Against Genetic Engineering
Uprising Radio, KPFK,
March 4, 2009

Development: UN Seeks A New Green Revolution in Food
Terra Viva,
February 19, 2009

Oakland Institute in the News, 2008

The Nation Magazine's Most Valuable Progressives of 2008
The Nation, December 31, 2008

RIGHTS: Politics Still Reign Over Principles at U.N.
Inter Press Service, December 10, 2008

FINANCE: Meltdown Could Derail U.N. Development Agenda
Inter Press Service, October 15, 2008

Biotech Snake Oil: A Quack Cure for Hunger
Multinational Monitor, Sept./Oct. 2008

India: As the Economy Grows, So Does Hunger
IPS, August 14, 2008

Harming Farming:Low food prices used to hurt the world's poor—now high prices do. What gives?
Slate, August 6, 2008

Celebrate, Don't Mourn, Collapse of WTO Talks
Huffington Post, July 30, 2008

The Need for Developing-Country Solidarity in the Doha Round
The Journal of Turkish Weekly, July 22, 2008

Ministers Ready for Make-or-Break Trade Talks
Reuters, July 18, 2008

Choices no one Should Have to Make
Socialist Worker, June 26, 2008

Devastating Solutions
Voices of Our World, June 22, 2008

Food is Different
National Journal, June 7, 2008

More Food Summits, But Less to Eat
Inter Pres Service, June 6, 2008

Interview on the Global Food Price Crisis
KPFK, May 20, 2008

Deconstructing Dinner
CJLY, May, 2008

IMF "Cure" for Food Crisis Also a Cause
Inter Press Service, May 20, 2008

Behind the Food Crisis: Free Trade?
New Mexico Independent, May 5, 2008

Corporate Vultures Lurk Behind the World Food Crisis
Alternet, April 29, 2008

The Global Food System Feeds Gluttonous Corporations First
The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 27, 2008

Food Riots Erupt Worldwide
Alternet, April 25, 2008

The World Food Crisis
The Nation, April 24, 2008

Staving Off Starvation
Star Telegram April 21, 2008

Instead of biofuel, other global trends starve Haiti
Tampa Bay.Com, April 20, 2008

Free Market Isn't Helping us to Feed a Starving World
Houston Chronicle, April 19, 2008

Why There’s a Food Crisis
Sentinel Source, April 19, 2008

Solve food crisis by changing policies
Sacramento Bee, April 17, 2008

Solve Food Crisis by Changing Policies
Fresno Bee, April 17, 2008

Solve Food Crisis by Changing Policies
TriCity Herald, April 17, 2008

Solve Food Crisis by Changing Policies
Bellingham Herald, April 17, 2008

Solve Food Crisis by Changing Policies
News Observer, April 17, 2008

Global Hot Spots of Hunger Set to Explode
Inter Press Service, April 14, 2008

Ziegler's About Face
Human Rights Tribune, March 28, 2008

How U.S. Food Aid Policies Perpetuate Poverty
India Currents, March 10, 2008

Food & Energy Sovereignty Now
Upside Down World, February 2008

Food & Energy Sovereignty Now: Brazilian Grassroots Position on Agroenergy
UN Observer, February 2008

World Social Forum: More Words than Action
Inter Press Service, January 29, 2008

It Is Upon Us to Pave the Way for Sustainability
Inter Press Service, January 24, 2008

UN: World Body Remains Impotent as Captive of the U.S.
TerraViva Europe, January 11, 2008

Oakland Institute in the News, 2007

Nonprofit Leaders and Experts Offer Their Predictions for 2008
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, December 20, 2007

Human Rights Day a Sad Day for America
The Progressive, December 10, 2007

On International Human Rights Day, the U.S. Should Live up to its Commitments at Home
The Progressive, December 5, 2007

What a Vote for Free Trade Means for the U.S.
San Francisco Chronicle, November 20, 2007

Food to Biofuels: A Recipe for Disaster
Inter Press Service, November 7, 2007

The United States' Failing Food System
Alternet, October 1, 2007

Lots Of Food, Not Enough Aid
Tom Paine, June 26, 2007

San Francisco, South Korean Labor Leaders Challenge Pelosi Free Trade Support
Fog City Journal, June 11, 2007

Multiplying NGOs Find Increased Public Scrutiny
Inter Press Service May 16, 2007

Biodiversity: Farming Will Make or Break the Food Chain
Inter Press Service, May 2, 2007

Change Global Policy, Not Food Technology
Street News Service, February 12, 2007

Hot Action: Anuradha Mittal
Willamette Week, Februray 12, 2007

A New Fast Track For Unfair Trade
TomPaine.Com, February 8, 2007

VII World Social Forum
Terraviva, January 14, 2007

Charity Begins at Home
Online Opinion, January 4, 2007

Oakland Institute in the News, 2006

American Donors Urged to Learn Lessons From Overseas Charities
Chronicle of Philanthropy, December 7, 2006

Food Security: Empty Promises of Technical Solutions
Development, 2006 (vol.49, no.4)

Richest 2 Percent Own Half the World's Wealth
One World US, December 21, 2006

This Thanksgiving, Change Aid Policies to End Hunger
The Anniston Star, November 23, 2006

Change Aid Policies to End Hunger
Centre Daily, November 23, 2006

This Thanksgiving, Change Aid Policies to End Worldwide Hunger
The Free Lance-Star, November 22, 2006

Anuradha Mittal: Changing Aid Policy to End Hunger
Sacramento Bee, November 21, 2006

UN Chief's Scorecard of Success and Failure
IPS, November 20, 2006

Promises Are no Substitute For Food
IPS, November 2006

Sahel: A Prisoner of Starvation?
Vancourver Coooperative Radio, November 11, 2006

A Case Study of the 2005 Food Crisis in Niger
KPFA, November 9, 2006

Hunger in Sahel
KCBS, November 4, 2006

Caravan, CKUT, Canada, November 1, 2006

Sahel: A Prisoner of Starvation?
Uprisingradio, KPFK, November 1, 2006

Sudan Niger Famine
YouTube, October, 2006

Free Market Famine
FPIF, October 26, 2006

India and the Battle Against Biotechnology: Anuradha Mittal Interview
Confluence, October, 2006

Quote of the Day
UN Wire, October 20, 2006

Report Exposes a Free-Market Famine
IPS, October 20, 2006

Oakland Institute's New Report Finds Free Market-Based Development Policies Responsible For Increasing Hunger & Poverty in the Sahel
Commondreams, October 20, 2006

Millions of Starving Shame the World, U.N. Says
IPS, October 19, 2006

World Food Day: Sahel: A Prisoner of Starvation
UN Observer, October, 2006

New Report Finds Free Market-Based Development Policies Responsible For Increasing Hunger & Poverty in the Sahel
World Food Policy, October 16, 2006

Challenging the Right on Campus
Redeye, Vancouver Cooperative Radio, September 30, 2006

The New Harvest of GM Cotton
Terra Viva, September 14, 2006

Fraction of Oil Profits Sought for Poorest Nations
Inter Press Service, August 24, 2006

Suicide: The New Harvest of GM Cotton
Inter Press Service, August 14, 2006

Deconstructing Dinner
August 10, 2006

Want to Stem the Tide of Desperate Immigrants? Repeal NAFTA
August 1, 2006

Food Aid 'Overhaul' Would Save Money and Lives
July 27, 2006

U.N. Shifts Focus from Politics to Humanitarian Aid
July 24, 2006

To Stem Flow of Immigrants, Stem Free Trade
July 11, 2006

Globales Bauernlegen, Berliner Zeitung
July 11, 2006

Um Muro Que Marca o Fracasso do Nafta
July 2006

To Stem Flow of Immigrants, Stem Free Trade
July 2006.

Un Muro Que Siigna El Fracaso Del NAFTA
July 2006

Alertnet Poll-Sudan is World's Most Dangerous Place for Children
July 11, 2006

NAFTA: A Continental Tragedy
July 2006

TRADE-U.S./KOREA: Bigger Than NAFTA, Just as Controversial
June 7, 2006

Biz and Industry News, S. Korea-US-FTA
June 7, 2006

Prospects Dim for Upcoming S. Korea-U.S. FTA Talks
June 5, 2006

Biotech Crops and Foods: The Risks and Alternatives
May 9, 2006

Biotech Frankenfoods--The Risks & Alternatives
May 7, 2006

Biotech Crops and Foods: The Risks and Alternatives
May 6, 2006

Revolution in the Indian Countryside
May 4, 2006

A New Policy Brief on the Recent Overhaul of the U.S. Foreign Aid
April 28, 2006

Audio of Reclaim The Commons Panel on Genetic Engineering and Human Rights
April 8, 2006

French Protests: An Idealistic Fantasy or More?
March 31, 2006

Listen to the Open Letter to President Bush
March 1, 2006

Bioterror Fears Dim Biotech Potential
February 28, 2006

Open Letter to President Bush on His Visit to India
March 1, 2006

Playing Politics With Aid: The Unholy Trinity of Defense, Diplomacy and Development in the War on Terrorism
February 27, 2006

What Will it Take for the WTO to Notice Starving Children in Niger or Malawi?
Spring 2006, Vol. 21, No.1

Reunification is on the March
February 9, 2006

Provocative Perspectives Speaker to Discuss ‘Sweet Charity and Smart Bombs’ at Cal Poly March 7
February 6, 2006

Hit or Miss
February 1, 2006

Oakland Institute in the News, 2005

WTO Talks Close with Partial Trade Agreement, Over 900 Protesters Arrested in Hong Kong
December 19, 2005

Charlie Rose Tell Us What You Think: WTO and US Food Aid to Poor Countries
December 2005

The WTO: Do or Die?; What Now?
December 2005

WTO HKG: Activists Present to the WTO Secretariat a Petition in Support of the European Biotech Ban
December 17, 2005

Poor Nations Condemn World Trade Organization Agreements as Unfair
December 16, 2005

Protests Continue at WTO Conference as Talks Stall Over Agricultural Trade
December 15, 2005

North Korea Needs Development, Not Food Aid
December 2005

US, EU Spar Over Food Aid, Subsidies Sidelined
December 14, 2005

World Trade Organisation Talks Begin Amid Huge Protests
December 14, 2005

Freedom to Trade or Freedom From Hunger?
December 12, 2005

Critics Slam System as Food Aid to Guatemala Lags
December 7, 2005

This Thanksgiving, Help Change Food Aid Policy to End Hunger
November, 2005

In a World of Plenty, Food Does Not Reach Those in Need
November 24, 2005

Combat Hunger With New Policies
November 24, 2005

Wrong-Headed Food Policy
November 24, 2005

U.S. Food Policy and Hunger
November 24, 2005

ÁMALÁUI A fome atinge metade da população
Edição Nº 143 - De 24 a 30 de novembro de 2005

MALÁUI A natureza não é a única culpada
Edição Nº 143 - De 24 a 30 de novembro de 2005

Congress Blocks Local Procurement of Food Aid While Famine in Southern Africa Reinforces Need for Drastic Change
November 23, 2005

With Snow Forecast in Kashmir, Tens of Thousands at Risk
November 8, 2005

World Food Sovereignty, KPFA FlashPoints
November 3, 2005

Food Aid vs. Food Sovereignty
October 27, 2005

The Oakland Institute Releases New Report on Food Aid Programs Famine in Niger Reinforces the Need for Drastic Changes in Food Aid
October 26, 2005

Oakland Institute Releases Roadmap to End Hunger
October 17, 2005

Food Aid or Food Sovereignty? Ending World Hunger in Our Time
October 16, 2005

Global Food Aid Programs Must Prioritize Food Sovereignty in Developing Nations
October 14, 2005

Oakland Institute Releases Roadmap to End Hunger
October 14, 2005

ÁGUA A raposa está solta no galinheiro
Edição Nº 135 - De 29/9 a 29 de Setembro de 2005

INVASÃO DO IRAQUE Uma agência a serviço dos interesses estadunidenses
Edição Nº 135 - De 29/9 a 29 de Setembro de 2005

Alternative Media a Need, And In Need
September 9, 2005

People's Health Assembly Demands Right to Health for All
August 19, 2005

Um vale-tudo no Congresso dos EUA
Edição Nº 127 - De 4 a 10 de agosto de 2005

More Than Just a Food Fight
August 4, 2005

No Good From CAFTA
August 3, 2005

CAFTA Will Hurt Family Farmers, Workers, & Small Businesses
August 1, 2005

The Truth About CAFTA
August 1, 2005

Passage of CAFTA-DR: A Case of Political Amnesia
July 2005

Why Not Local? It Makes Good Sense
Spring/Summer 2005

Hunger Awareness Dinner Encourages Action
June 2005

Digging For Gold
June 2005

Bush's Class War Budget
May 20, 2005

After Blair's Weak Victory, Key Issues Remain
May 6, 2005

El Libre Comercio Arruina a Los Campesinos Del Sur
April 7, 2005

Smallpox Should be History
April 7, 2005

IPS Column: The Mirage of Development Through Trade
March 31, 2005

The Mirage of Development Through Trade
March 25, 2005

Contamination by Experimental Genetically Engineered Crops Should Not be “Found Acceptable”
March 24, 2005

Camponeses Derrotam Transnacional
March 17, 2005

Food Redlining: A Hidden Cause of Hunger
February 25, 2005

A Mean Budget
February 23, 2005

Aceh Abandoned: The Second Tsunami
February 2005

Reeleição Fortalece Política Imperial
January 2005

Vote with Your Fork: Buying Locally Means More to the Local Economy
January 2005

Oakland Institute in the News, 2004

Hunger in America
December 10, 2004

Going Hungry in America
December 2004

Hunger in America
December 2004

Asia Holds the Key to the Future of GM Food
December 2004

Governo Bush: Corporações Agradecem
November 3, 2004

Oakland Institute Founder Visits Chico State to Speak Out on Genetic Engineering
October 29,2004

Anuradha Mittal to Speak on Economic Human Rights
September 22, 2004

La Ley Del Embudo
September 3, 2004

Guest Commentary, The Public Eye
Summer 2004, Volume XVIII, No. 2

Mittal to Discuss Food Sovereignty in Bucknell Lecture Series
September 21, 2004

US Trade Policy: How Different are Kerry and Bush ? WBAI Speaks to Anuradha Mittal
September 7, 2004

Can Organics Feed the Masses
August 2004

Oakland Institute's Anuradha Mittal on the WTO Draft Package
August 10, 2004

Development at Stake
July 2004

Oakland Institute's Anuradha Mittal on the G8 Summit (Audio)
June 8th, 2004

Saving the Farm
June 6th, 2004

Audio of the Reclaim the Commons Teach-in
June 3rd, 2004

Brave New World for Sun Tech Firm Offers Technology Deal to Developing Nations
June 1st, 2004

Biotechnology and GMO Food: Anuradha Mittal and Andrew Kimbrell. Audio, KPFA
May 27, 2004

U.N.: Biotech ignores Third World
May 18, 2004

U.N. Unit Sees Great Promise in Biotech Research on Crops
May 18, 2004

'WTO, handen van mijn bord!'-toer (Dutch)
April 6th, 2004