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Report: Nicaragua Government Failing to Protect Indigenous

Report: Nicaragua government failing to protect indigenous


  • World Rainforest Movement
    For the past eighty years, the Maasai have been displaced and dispossessed of their land, livelihoods, and more in Northern Tanzania, all under the guise of "conservation." This article traces the origins of this dispossession through to present day struggles, calling for international solidarity in support of the Maasai.
  • Post Courier Online
    A high-end investigative report has revealed that despite decades of operating in PNG, logging companies barely declare profits. Furthermore, the report reveals an odd financial contradiction where loggers have reported doubling their losses while continuing to increase their exports of tropical timber. In a comprehensive report furnished by...
  • InsideClimate News
    According to the Oakland Institute, nearly half of all U.S. farmland will change hands in the next 20 years as more farmers retire. "With an estimated $10 billion in capital already looking for access to U.S. farmland, institutional investors openly hope to expand their holdings as this retirement bulge takes place," the institute says.
  • HuffPost
    NEW DELHI: The mobile phone of 28-year-old Janhavi, a Ph.D scholar at Delhi University, is constantly ringing on Wednesday. She rarely leaves the table at the corner of a library-cum-office in Katwariya Sarai in New Delhi, where she is making a chart and working on a laptop along with her friend Agneya.
  • Witness Radio

    The Finnish Development Finance Iinstitution (FINNFUND) is concerned about effects from its own financed carbon offset projects in Uganda that have negatively impacted on the local communities. FINNFUND is an investment arm of the Finnish Government, with financial support of up to US$ 25 million to the Green Resources Forestry project.


  • China Daily
    This summer, my country, Papua New Guinea (PNG), became the newest member of China's Belt and Road Initiative. This global program already spans dozens of countries and represents over a trillion dollars of planned investments in infrastructure development. Meanwhile, China's aid to PNG is surging: only recently, it committed over AU$4 billion ($2...