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Pension and Endowment Funds Linked to Conflict-Plagued Oil Palm in DRC

In Nicaragua, Supplying Beef to the U.S. Comes at a High Human Cost


  • World Rainforest Movement

    The development narrative continues to be revived despite its role in driving the current crisis and the millions of livelihoods it has destroyed through displacement and dispossession. The interests of the United States, with its inordinate financial and political power over institutions like the World Bank and the IMF...

  • IPS

    SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 10 2020 (IPS) - The World Bank has finally given up defending its controversial, but influential Doing Business Report (DBR). In August, the Bank “paused” publication of the DBR due to a “number...

  • One Green Planet

    The Center for Investigative Reporting, in collaboration with PBS NewsHour, has uncovered serious land thefts and killings of Indigenous communities in Nicaragua to feed the demand for beef in the U.S.

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. has faced...

  • Geeska Afrika Online

    Djibouti (HAN) October 25, 2020 – Regional Investment projects and financial initiatives. Why Hydropower Dam in Ethiopia Worries the triangle countries of Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt and angered President Trump of United States of America?Rackety trucks rush across Sudan’s border with its backwater neighbor of Ethiopian tribes, stirring up clouds...

  • Radio New Zealand

    A new report says Papua New Guinea's leaders should urgently change course and end the reliance on mining and logging.

    The PNG civil society group, Act Now! with Jubilee Australia and the California based Oakland Institute has this month released "From Extraction to Inclusion."

    They had shown that big extraction projects, oil and...

  • Salon

    Sara Van Note

    When Juan Carlos Ocampo, an Indigenous community leader in Nicaragua, was a child, deer regularly passed his home as they moved between dense riparian forests on the country's northern Caribbean coast. Like others in his Miskito community, his family caught fish and crayfish from the rivers, hunted deer and large...