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Dam in Ethiopia has wiped out indigenous livelihoods, report finds

The World Bank is driving a failed strategy in the DRC

Think Tank Report Highlights Tax Puzzle in PNG Logging Sector


  • The Diplomat
    This summer, my country, Papua New Guinea (PNG), became the newest member of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. This global program already spans dozens of countries and represents over a trillion dollars of planned investments in infrastructure development. Meanwhile, China’s aid to PNG is surging: only recently, it committed around $4 billion to...
  • Lifegate

    Papua New Guinea's rainforest, the third largest in the world, is being plundered by illegal logging. Frederic Mousseau of the Oakland Institute presents the findings of a report that exposes the industry's systematic tax evasion, depriving the country of revenue while destroying its natural resources.

  • Wood Floor Business Magazine

    Despite a report that shed light on rampant illegal logging in Papua New Guinea two years ago, which was followed by government promises to crack down on the practice, the situation is worse than ever, according to the Oakland Institute, an American think tank.

  • LifeGate

    Indigenous Maasai people have been ordered to leave their homeland in Tanzania's Serengeti Park for it to be turned into a hunting ground for tourists, a report highlights.

  • RFI

    En Tanzanie, les Masaï sont toujours plus réprimés. La semaine dernière, une douzaine de villageois a été attaquée par une patrouille de l'armée tanzanienne alors qu'ils faisaient paître leur bétail à quelques kilomètres du parc national du Serengeti, au nord-est du pays. Le peuple semi-nomade voit ses terres systématiquement réduites au profit...

  • Thomson Reuters Foundation

    NAIROBI - Maasai herders near Tanzania’s famous Serengeti wildlife park have asked a regional court to stop the government intimidating witnesses supporting their legal bid to return to their ancestral land, a lawyer for the community said on Thursday.



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