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Ukraine, the Land of Quid Pro Quos

Dam in Ethiopia has wiped out indigenous livelihoods, report finds


  • New Indian Express

    COLOMBO:  In the context of the on-going proceedings of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) at Geneva, in which Sri Lanka is facing charges of committing war crimes especially in the last phase of the 2006-2009 Eelam War IV, the US-based Oakland Institute has urged Lanka to sign the Rome Statute that set up the International Criminal Court (ICC...

  • The Hindu

    A group of eminent persons from various countries has called upon the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to establish an international independent judicial process under UN auspices to go into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka.

    In an open letter, the group contended that “very little has changed” since the Council adopted a...

  • Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka

    Over fifty eminent citizens around the globe have called upon the UN top human rights body to establish an independent international judicial process to investigate and prosecute war crimes committed in Sri Lanka's civil war.

  • Lanka News Web

    An open letter from a group of eminent citizens to member states of the United Nations Human Rights Council to ensure justice, truth and peace for all in Sri Lanka.

    See full letter here

  • Tamil Guardian

    Sixty-two eminent persons around the world called on the UN Human Rights Council to establish an international independent judicial process under the auspices of the UN to investigate the mass atrocities committed at the final stages of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka in 2009, in an open letter to the UNHRC released on Monday. 

  • Business Standard

    Over 50 eminent citizens from across the world today in a letter asked the UN Human Rights Council to show courage and consistency when it discusses a report this week on human rights in Sri Lanka and help bring justice to the war crime victims of...