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The World Bank is driving a failed strategy in the DRC

Report Says Loggers Declaring Losses But Increasing Exports


  • Mongabay

    John C. Cannon

    This is the first part of a series on palm oil in Cameroon. The next will follow shortly and will be linked here when published.

    Tucked amongst the hilltops of Yaoundé are the signs of a country and an economy on the move. Cameroonians fill high-end grocery stores, bars and restaurants, often spilling out...

  • IPS - Inter Press Service

    Elizabeth Fraser

    I was taught that responsibility means admitting your mistakes and being accountable when you make a mistake. I still believe this to be true for individuals and institutions. So when a powerful group like the World Bank makes a mistake, I expect it to be accountable for its wrong-doings, and to do everything possible to...

  • Reuters

    ADDIS ABABA—An Ethiopian state body that has been involved in leasing tracts of land for commercial farming has suspended the issuance of new licences until it completes a review because of scant progress in developing areas leased so far, an official said.

    The Horn of Africa country in 2011 allocated 3.6 million hectares of land, close...

  • IPS-Inter Press Service

    Catherine Wilson

    CANBERRA, Australia - The vast rainforests of Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Solomon Islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean are crucial for environmental sustainability, survival of indigenous peoples and the wider goal of containing climate change. But forest degradation, driven primarily by excessive commercial...

  • BurkinaStyle

    Moral Bankruptcy: World Bank Reinvents Tainted Aid Program for Ethiopia, a new report released today by the Oakland Institute, exposes the shameful reinvention of one of the Bank’s most problematic programs in...

  • Daily Times

    S Mubashir Noor

    Sri Lanka’s civil war ended seven years ago, but social fault-lines dividing the country have not yet closed. Ethnic Tamils worldwide still resent the Sinhalese-dominated state for alleged war crimes committed during the insurgency and for its piecemeal efforts at resettling internally displaced Tamils. What pains them...



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