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Rights watchdog accuses the World Bank of complicity in rights abuses around Tanzanian national park

Investigation launched into killings and evictions on World Bank tourism project

Dams and Plantations Upend Livelihoods in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo River Valley


  • Franceinfo

    En 2022, l’Europe levait les droits d’importation sur les produits ukrainiens, dont la volaille. L’objectif est louable : soutenir l’économie du pays en temps de guerre. Cette mesure a été reconduite dernièrement, jusqu’en 2024. En conséquence, les importations de poulet ukrainien dans l’Union européenne ont explosé de plus de 127% sur la...

  • Inter Press Service


    African leaders, public officials, and private-sector executives will converge in Nairobi, September 4-6, at the Africa Climate Summit (ACS) – coinciding with the UN Africa Climate Week (ACW). In recent years, Africa has been the poster child for climate solutions, with carbon credit and offset projects gaining popularity...

  • Common Dreams


    We journeyed through the dirt tracks in the middle of the savanna—the vibrant crimson of the Maasai shukas making cardinal dots in the arid landscape. Zebras grazed in polyphony with cows, and the occasional giraffe paced gracefully, stretching its freckled neck towards the sky. Wildebeest and gazelles stampeded...

  • UnHerd

    Two weeks ago, thousands of representatives from businesses and governments from across the world gathered in London to “support Ukraine’s recovery”. But was the gathering of all those Western corporate elites at the Ukraine Recovery Conference entirely altruistic? There are, after all, massive profit opportunities being created by the war.

  • Internal Revenue Commission of Papua New Guinea

    Papua New Guinea, [26/06/2023] – The Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) has imposed a substantial K140 million tax assessment against a prominent logging operator (identity withheld) in Papua New Guinea for engaging in illicit tax evasion, specifically through transfer pricing. This amended assessment (tax bill) is a direct outcome of an...

  • AllAfrica

    By Sethi Ncube

    An international non-governmental organisation which campaigns for the rights of indigenous peoples who use traditional methods of making their living is challenging the way in which a project designed to combat climate change is being implemented across vast tracts of northern Kenya.