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Harmful mining continues in Nicaragua despite U.S. sanctions, new investigation shows


  • African Arguments

    140 years ago this November at the Berlin Conference, Belgium’s King Leopold was recognized as the sole owner of the Congo Free State, a territory including the entirety of today’s Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Leopold’s reign was marked by slavery, millions of deaths, and widespread atrocities committed during the first colonial...

  • The Canary

    Thursday 18 of April marks the annual United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Day. This year however, an Indigenous rights non-profit is exposing UNESCO for the racist colonial institution that it is.

    Significantly, the group is calling out the colonial conservation model that sits at the...

  • The Canary

    Indigenous Maasai communities in Tanzania are being subjected to more land-grabbing and human rights abuse. This time, a major tourism company is the culprit.

    On Tuesday 16 April, independent policy thinktank the Oakland Institute exposed Boston-based Thomson Safaris’ human rights violations against Indigenous villagers. Specifically,...

  • The Chanzo

    Authorities in Tanzania are involved in fresh tussles with Indigenous Maasai people from Ngorongoro, this time with those who offered to leave the UNESCO-inscribed world heritage site and move to Msomera, Tanga, who accuse the government of abandoning them and of failing to fulfil its promises.

    136 Maasai people from Msomera issued a ...

  • DandC

    Africa’s drive for carbon credits continues to gather pace. Despite the prospect of generating significant revenue and green jobs, there is concern about the effectiveness, transparency and ethical implications of the current carbon markets on the continent.

  • Independent Online (IOL)

    THIS coming month of April marks a year and a half since the ruling that culminated in the ruthless forced removal of Tanzania’s Maasai communities from their ancestral land.

    The ruling, enacted by the East African Court of Justice (EACJ), was made in favour of the Tanzanian state. This was following a five-year long legal battle,...