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‘Win-Win’ Investment in Tanzania?

Over the last decade, as many African countries surf on high levels of growth, the continent has become an increasingly attractive place for private investment. This is especially true in agriculture, as transnational agribusiness giants like Monsanto flock to the continent to take advantage of the growing opportunity for profits. These businesses have sold a story of a ‘win-win’ scenario for farmers – telling the world’s governments that through industrial agriculture farmers can increase their yields and feed hungry people in their countries.

Is Africa's 'Green Revolution' a Mask for a Profit-Led Corporate Bonanza?

Under a scrappy tarpaulin, Siasa Kasanura sits on a plastic chair surrounded by the impeccably organised records of his village. Wedged among the piles of folders and papers, Kasanura, the community chairperson, says he is uncertain he can keep it all in order for much longer.

Deuda y Desesperación: los Pequeños Agricultores de Tanzania Sometidos a una Nueva Ola de Colonialismo

Lo que está pasando ahora en Tanzania debe ser un ejemplo de lo que no hay que hacer si se quiere ayudar a los pequeños agricultores, que tengan un medio de vida y alimenten a sus comunidades.

Corporate-Led Aid Wreaks Havoc in Tanzania

A showcase project of the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition strips small scale farmers in Tanzania of their homes and farmland, damages a protected wetland and forces the corporate chemical input industry on smallholders. More evidence that agricultural initiatives backed by Western governments are benefiting multinationals and penalising local communities.

Debt and Despair: How Small-Scale Farmers Feel the Impact of So-Called "Responsible Investment"

What is now happening in Tanzania should be an example of how not to behave if you want to help poor farmers make a living and feed their communities

Kilombero Plantations Ltd (KPL) is no ordinary rice farm. Based in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania, the company owns a 5,800 hectare plantation and buys rice from local farmers. Not only is it now the largest rice producer in East Africa, it’s become a flagship for international backers hoping to prove that corporations can deliver economic development for communities.

Mbasa Resettlement Housing Flooded

The resettlement areas where houses were built for the farmers displaced by the Agrica project in Tanzania are in flood-prone areas. Watch this video taken by villagers in Mbasa, Tanzania in March 2014 showing the flooding around their newly constructed houses.

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