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Norfund tapte 146 millioner kroner på plantasje i Tanzania

Norfund tapte 145,9 millioner kroner på sin investering i en gigantisk risplantasje i Tanzania. – En veldig stor andel av utenlandske investeringer i storskala landbruk i Øst-Afrika har gått dårlig, sier svensk forsker.

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After Defaulting on Loans, Kilombero Plantation Ltd (KPL) Goes up for Sale

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March 27, 2019

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Kutowajibika Katika Uwekezaji: Agrica Ni Mfano Wa Mradi Wa Maendeleo Ulioharibika Tanzania

Mashamba ya kilombelo (KPL) yana ukubwa wa hekta 5,818 (ha) za mpunga zilizo katika kiini cha rutuba cha Bonde la Kilombero, Tanzania. Mbali na kuendeleza mashamba makubwa ya mpunga, KPL inafanya kazi na wakulima wadogo wadogo kupitia mashamba darasa yanayozingatia mfumo wa teknolojia ya ongezeko la mpunga (SRI) . Mradi wa uwekezaji unapata msaada mkubwa wa kifedha na kiufundi kutoka taasisi za maendeleo mbalimbali ikiwa ni pamoja na Idara ya Kimataifa ya Maendeleo ya Uingereza (DfID) na USAID1.

How Climate Change Efforts by Developed Countries are Hurting Africa’s Rural Poor

In recent years there has been significant movement toward land acquisition in developing countries to establish forestry plantations for offsetting carbon pollution elsewhere in the world. This is often referred to as land grabbing.

The Growing Case Against the G8’s ‘Responsible Investors’

The multibillion-dollar New Alliance initiative which promises to transform the continent’s food systems is facing rising opposition from African farmers. 

Based in the Morogoro region of Tanzania, Kilombero Plantations Limited (KPL) operates a 5,800 hectare rice plantation and buys produce from local farmers. It has recently become East Africa’s primary rice producer.

Kritikk Av Plantasjedrift Gir Steile Fronter

Den norske støtten til en kjempeplantasje i Kilombero i Tanzania får kritikk i ny rapport. Kritikerne mener det bør satses mer på småbønder enn store plantasjer. – Denne rapporten bidrar til mer polarisering av debatten rundt investeringer i afrikansk landbruk, mener forsker.

I en rapport fra den amerikanske tenketanken Oakland Institute og organisasjonene Greenpeace Africa og Global Justice Now kritiseres risplantasjen Kilombero Plantations Ltd (KPL) i Tanzania. I rapporten hevdes det at:

Q&A: Tanzania's Leading Rice Farmer, KPL, Setting the Pace

CARTER COLEMAN is the Founder and CEO of Kilombero Plantation Limited (KPL), Tanzania’s leading rice producer. The 5,818-hectare farm is located in the Kilombero Valley, 450km from Dar es Salaam. Prior to starting AGRICA, Coleman founded the Tanzanian Forest Conservation Group, a non-profit entity focused on preserving local forests. In the following interview with SKYE LAWRENCE, he says the need for preserving the rainforest from encroaching villages became evident to him during the two years he spent hang-gliding over the mountains -- and training falcons after he first came to Tanzania as a Rotary International Fellow in 1989. The Tanzanian Forest Conservation Group he formed has grown into a large NGO. Excerpts...

The U.K. is Privatizing Aid to the Developing World as Corporations Seek their Cut

In June, the U.K. became the first G7 nation to enshrine into law a 1970 UN target of allocating 0.7% of gross national income to international aid. Although the U.K. only met the target for the first time last year, the new law means that all future British governments are legally obliged to meet it.

Agrica’s Tanzania Rice Scheme Has Devastated Local Farmers, Say NGOs

A flagship rice plantation in Tanzania run by UK investors has allegedly destroyed the livelihoods of local smallholder farmers, driven them into debt and impacted the local environment, according to a new report published by the Oakland Institute. The report was co-authored with Greenpeace Africa and Global Justice Now.