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Two Blows in a Row: The New Alliance for Food Security Loses Ground

Buzzwords like 'business-enabling environment,' which underlie NAFSN discourse and practice, merely support the expansion of large-scale and export-oriented agribusinesses, at the cost of local farmers and biodiversity.

The World Bank's Fetish For Ranking: The Case Of Doing Business Rank For Chile

On January 12, 2018, World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer revealed that the Bank’s Doing Business Ranking may have been deliberately skewed and politically manipulated, disfavoring Chile’s ranking under its outgoing socialist president, Michelle Bachelet. Following these revelations, he resigned on January 24.

It’s Time to End the World Bank’s Biased Business Regulation Ratings

After years of criticism from labor unions and other progressive groups, the Bank’s own chief economist is accusing his colleagues of ideologically-driven data manipulation.

by Peter Bakvis

Chart of the Week #3: Why the World Bank Should Ditch the "Doing Business" Rankings—in One Embarrassing Chart

Justin Sandefur and Divyanshi Wadhwa

Last week the World Bank's Chief Economist, Paul Romer, told the Wall Street Journal the Bank had manipulated its own competitiveness rankings to undermine Chile's socialist government, and hinted Chile might not be alone—then he retracted the claim. Romer's conspiracy theories probably aren't credible, but neither are the Doing Business numbers.

How World Bank Unfairly Influenced its Own Competitiveness Rankings

Josh Zumbrun & Ian Talley | WSJ

The World Bank's chief economist said he would recalculate national rankings of business competitiveness going back at least four years

The World Bank repeatedly changed the methodology of one of its flagship economic reports over several years in ways it now says were unfair and misleading.

NOTICIAS Desviaciones en el Indice "Doing Business" del Banco Mundial

El economista-jefe del Banco reconoce públicamente que se han producido irregularidades por motivos políticos Logotipo del índice Doing Business del Banco Mundial

After 15 Years, World Bank’s Doing Business Report Still Missing the Mark

In October, the World Bank published its 15th Doing Business Report (DBR), Reforming to Create Jobs, noting that 119 economies had carried out 264 business reforms in the past year to “create jobs, attract investment and become more competitive”.