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Nile Trading & Development

¿Quién está detrás de la Cumbre sobre Sistemas Alimentarios 2021?

The Oakland Institute analiza los intereses que hay detrás de la Cumbre que se celebrará el próximo año

En un escrito publicado en el medio Indepthnew con motivo del Día Mundial de la Alimentación 2020, la Directora Ejecutiva de The Oakland Institute ha analizado y reflexionado sobre si será posible transformar nuestro sistema alimentario.

South Sudan: More Cases of Land Grabs in South Sudan


South Sudan — In my previous article; title: Stop Squatters, Land Grabbing, Occupation and Colonization Nonsense (South Sudan News Agency, March 22, 2013), I provided the facts and terms of agreement surrounding the Mukaya payams case in the state of Central Equatoria. The intention was to challenge the myth of land grab and occupation by Dinka and Western Nilotic former IDPS, politicians and army generals.

Stop Squatters, Land grabbing, Occupation and Colonization Nonsense

The recent call and push for federal system of government in the Republic of South Sudan by Equatoria governors, politicians, intellectuals as well as the assertion of right of self-determination for the eventual independent Republic of Equatoria (ROE) or Democratic Republic of Lado Enclave (DROLE) has been based in part, on the alledged Dinka political domination, systematic discrimination and marginalization of Equatorians, colonization and occupation of the Equatoria region by Western Nilotic and Dinka in particular.

Land Deal Brief: Nile Trading and Development, Inc. in South Sudan

The largest land deal in South Sudan to date was negotiated between a Dallas, Texas-based firm, Nile Trading and Development Inc. (NTD) and Mukaya Payam Cooperative in March 2008. The 49-year land lease of 600,000 hectares (with a possibility of 400,000 additional hectares) for 75,000 Sudanese Pounds (equivalent to approximately USD 25,000), allows NTD full rights to exploit all natural resources in the leased land.