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Rastetter Unsure of When Regents Will Discuss Allegations against Him

by Jordyn Reiland


State Board of Regents President Pro Tem Bruce Rastetter said he unsure whether the ethics complaint filed against him will be discussed when the Regents meet the first week of August.

Rastetter sat down for an interview Wednesday with Daily Iowan reporters and editors to speak about recent allegations surrounding his connection to Tanzania and his hopes as a regent in the future.

Regent Rastetter Rejects Ethics Complaint

by Jens Manuel Krogstad


Agribusiness investor Bruce Rastetter said it was a mistake for Iowa State University to cease involvement in a controversial project that would bring modern large-scale farming practices to about 35,000 acres of land in Tanzania.

Rastetter, a top Republican donor and member of the Iowa Board of Regents, also denied any allegations of ethics violations during an interview with Des Moines Register reporters and editors on Wednesday.

Anti-Rastetter Group Meets in Cedar Falls; Talks Strategy

By Jon Ericson


CEDAR FALLS Iowa --- Last weekend Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement protested at the homes of Gov. Terry Branstad's staff to remove agribusiness leader Bruce Rastetter from the Iowa Board of Regents.

On Tuesday night, the group met in Cedar Falls to talk strategy to oust Rastetter from the board which governs the state's public universities.

AgriSol Looking for New Partner in Tanzania Project


By Kristen East


In light of ongoing controversy involving an ethics complaint filed against him, state Board of Regents President Pro Tem Bruce Rastetter said AgriSol Energy officials are moving forward by seeking other education outreach opportunities with other universities.

Rastetter told Daily Iowan reporters during an interview Wednesday that AgriSol Energy Tanzania plans to work with other universities in the Kigoma region of Tanzania. Officials recently signed a lease there.

Rastetter Breaks his Silence on AgriSol Project

By Hannah Furfaro


AgriSol Energy’s intentions to build industrial farms in Tanzania have been misrepresented by the media and advocacy groups, according to Iowa Board of Regents president pro tem and agriculture entrepreneur Bruce Rastetter, who sat down with the Ames Tribune for an interview about the project Wednesday.

In an attempt to quell some of the controversy surrounding his involvement in the $100 million agriculture project, Rastetter discussed his participation after a year of silence.

American Bio-Energy Firm in Trouble in Tanzania


by Ben Taub


An American bio-energy firm that touts its social mission could kick more than 160,000 farmers off their land in Tanzania.

AgriSol, a company with offices in Alden, Iowa and Rowayton, Connecticut, is leasing hundreds of thousands of acres in Tanzania. The company claims its mission is to ”improve food security…the health of Tanzanian children, and the livelihoods of the smallholders around our farm.”

Iowa Regent Admits PR Mistakes in Africa Land Deal

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Regent Bruce Rastetter on Thursday defended working with Iowa State University to pursue a large-scale land development in Africa that could have benefited himself financially and blamed growing criticism over his involvement on misinformation and public relations mistakes.

Daily Iowan: Rastetter and Tanzania Response from the Oakland Institute

True, not all businesses are cruel, and not all profits mean greed. After spending more than 18 months researching AgriSol's land deal in Tanzania, this conclusion could only apply if one failed to read company's internal documents or chose to ignore the reality on the ground that our field research yielded.

Activists Take Message to State Officials’ Doorsteps

Three busloads of activists traveled to two state officials’ homes Saturday advocating for the dismissal of one of the regents who oversees the state universities.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement organized afternoon protests at the homes of Jeff Boeyink, Gov. Terry Branstad’s chief of staff, and David Roederer, director of the Iowa Department of Management.