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Dan Rather Reports on AgriSol in Tanzania

View excerpts and the full episode of Dan Rather's reporting on land grabs in Tanzania and interview with the Oakland Institute executive director Anuradha Mittal. 

"As populations expand and food prices hit record highs, international investors are hoping to strike it rich in an unlikely place, Africa. We investigate one controversial deal and the surprising cast of players involved – including one of America’s oldest land grant universities."

A sense of déjà vu with Rastetter's Iowa Ag Summit

Is the 2015 "Iowa Agriculture Summit" really a bipartisan forum to promote agriculture, or yet another scheme devised by multi-millionaire Iowan Bruce Rastetter to hijack issues impacting farmers and agriculture for his self-serving political and economic agenda?

As GOP Candidates Gather in Iowa, Two Visions of Farming Clash

With its millions of acres of farmland, Iowa is a crucial part of our country’s food landscape. Almost a third of all pork sold in the United States is raised in Iowa, along with two billion bushels of corn, half a billion bushels of soybeans, and 13.8 billion eggs. The majority of this food isn’t produced by independent family farmers, but rather on large-scale commercial farms and in a growing number of concentrated animal feeding operations or CAFOs.

Iowa CCI plans to counter ‘corporate’ Ag Summit

DES MOINES — Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement plans to counter what it calls a “corporate” ag summit scheduled for early next month.

Instead of the Iowa Ag Summit, planned for March 7 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, Iowa CCI will hold its own Food & Ag Justice Summit March 6 and 7 at the group’s headwquarters in Des Moines.

Dan Rather Reports: Trouble on the Land (transcript)

On September 27, 2001, Dan Rather Reports aired an episode called Trouble on the Land, which examined the AgriSol land deal in Tanzania and the parties involved. This is a transcript of the episode; the full program can be downloaded at iTunes on the web or iTunes on your computer.

Anuradha Mittal Speaks at Fallon Forum

Recorded on 8/28/12 on AgriSol with Anuradha Mittal of Oakland Institute and Tim Schwab of Food & Water Watch.

Watch the video

Board Drops Complaint Against Rastetter

On Aug. 23, the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board decided to drop an ethics complaint filed by the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) against Iowa Board of Regents member BruceRastetter.

Ethics Board Shouldn't Shush the Public


The meeting room at Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement was packed Tuesday evening, as a guest from California told a crowd of farmers, mothers, academics, retirees and others that Tanzanians were looking to Iowa to see if they can trust democracy. “I never thought mobilization in Iowa would happen,” said an emotional Anuradha Mittal.