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African Land Ltd

“FCA’s Investigation to Determine if Deals Such As African Land are a Collective Investment Scheme or Not, is Irrelevant. The Bigger Concern Is if it Might Be a Scam”

African Land Ltd had a simple offer: Invest in “low-cost, high potential” farmland in Sierra Leone. “We Harvest – You Profit” was the headline of one of the company’s brochures.

Documentation for African Land Ltd

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African Land Brochures and Advertisements

Various media and advertisements by African Land Limited.

 1. Capital Alternatives Video Advertisement.mp4

We Harvest--You Profit: African Land Ltd's Land Deal in Sierra Leone

From rising food prices to growing demand for biofuel, the current obsession for agricultural land borders on speculative mania as private companies, hedge funds, private equity funds, and sovereign wealth funds join the land rush looking for lucrative deals in the developing world. An estimated 500 million acres, an area about ten times the size of Britain, has been bought or leased in the developing world in the last decade. The social, economic, and environmental impacts of this trend have been extensively researched and made public by the Oakland Institute.