Land Rights

Sir J Slams Forest Authority

Sir Julius Chan, Governor of New Ireland Province, has challenged recent statements by the Forest Minister, Douglas Tomuriesa, concerning a recent report from the Oakland Institute that was critical of the way the forestry industry is run in PNG.

A Look at College Investments that have been Questioned

Collin Binkley

BOSTON (AP) — Some of the nation's top universities have drawn criticism for making investments in certain industries that activists say run counter to the schools' mission.

Many financial experts don't see a problem, contending that endowments have a duty to make sound financial decisions above all else.

Colleges are split. Some have stopped investing in industries such as fossil fuels or prisons or have opted to invest in mutual funds billed as "socially responsible." Others put few restrictions on their investments.

Academic Calls for Complete Stop on Logging

Freddy Mou

An academic at the University of Papua New Guinea, Dr Topul Rali says the country should stop logging altogether.

He said logging has done more damages than good to our forest since Independence and it’s time to stop logging and re-evaluate the way it should be done in future.

He said with the way logging was being carried out in PNG today:

PNG Lidas Ino Wari Tumas Long Ol Risosas Blong Pipal

Caroline Tiriman

Wanpla environmentalist na lida meri long Papua New Guinea i sutim tok long ol gavman blong bifo ikam inap nau olsem oli save helpim ol logging kampani long bagarapim ol bikbus na graon blong ol pipal.

Dorothy Tekwie i mekim despla toktok long wankaen we planti pipal iwok long wari olsem oli no lukim wanpla gutpla benefit long ol wok logging.

Toktok blong en i kamap tu long wan kaen taem we wanpla lecturer long  University blong  Papua New Guinea, Dr Topul Rali itok olli mas stopim despla ol wok logging olgeta.

Pressure Mounts on PNG Govt Over Forestry

The Papua New Guinea government is under more pressure to enforce laws around forestry, following two recent reports by international NGOs related to PNG's forestry industry, and the flow of finances around it.

Oakland Institute Responds to Forest Minister's Comments

Oakland Institute Responds to Forest Minister's Comments

Oakland Institute, the author of ‘The Great Timber Heist’ has responded to Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa’s comments of the report.

Forest Minister Loves to Show Off His Ignorance

Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa has splashed himself all over the media in the last few days trying to refute a report, The Great Timber Heist, that highlights the fact logging companies don’t pay any corporate taxes and deprive PNG of hundreds of millions of Kina in much needed revenues.

Unfortunately for the Minister, all he has done is show off his own ignorance—and invite legitimate questions about why he is so keen to try and defend foreign owned logging companies rather than fight for the rights of his own people…

Logging Companies Run Roughshod in PNG, Says MP

The Governor of Oro Province Gary Juffa has accused Papua New Guinea's government of ignoring rampant illegal logging across the country, saying logging companies can operate in the country however they please without obeying the rules.