Land Rights

US Senate Letter to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

Letter from US Senators Patrick Leahy and Jeff Merkley to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill calling for action to end land grabbing and illegal logging in PNG.

What Impact will Brazil's Plan to Allow Foreign Ownership of Land Have?

By Chris Arsenault

RIO DE JANEIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation)—Brazil's plan to allow foreigners to buy large tracts of farmland to spur growth in South America's biggest country is being closely monitored by foreign investors, such as pension funds looking for stable, long-term returns, experts say.

This Human Rights Day, Stand Up for Human Rights in Sri Lanka

December 10, 2016. This International Human Rights Day – themed “Stand up for someone’s rights” – there’s a lot to stand up for.  

Trump, Ethiopia: Neither is Normal

In the weeks since Donald Trump was elected, many have focused on the need to not normalize the man, his words, or his actions.1

This call is vital. We cannot normalize having someone in the White House who has become the very face of bigotry, islamophobia, white supremacy, misogyny, and contempt for the environment.

On Our Land (Français)

On Our Land raconte l'expérience des communautés rurales de Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée et donne la parole à celles et ceux qui voient leurs terres et ressources naturelles accaparées par une deforestation illégale massive. Le film évoque l'échec des politiques de développement en place dans le pays et le montre combat que mènent communautés et ONGs pour défendre leurs droits et les ressources naturelles dont elles dépendent.

US Government Support to Herakles Farms Project in Cameroon

Herakles Farms: Civil society letter to President Paul Biya, following the release of cables that show that US bullied Cameroon into approving the palm oil project.

US State Department Support to Herakles Farms Project in Cameroon

Herakles Farms: Civil society letter to US State Department, following release of cables showing US bullied Cameroon into approving palm oil project.

Ethiopia’s State of Emergency: Authorizing Oppression

The government of Ethiopia has responded to a groundswell of protests, which are calling for democracy and human rights for all, by imposing a six-month long state of emergency, effective October 8.

Foreign-owned Enterprises Targeted in Ethiopia's Oromia Region

Foreign-owned companies have become the latest targets of violence during the unrest in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Government officials are worried the violence could derail the country's economic growth, but analysts say addressing protesters' grievances is also key to maintaining the nation's upward economic trajectory.