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Invest in Democracy: Become a Charter Member

Invest in Democracy: Ensure Human Rights For All

Why Become a Charter Member

The Oakland Institute is dedicated to creating a space for public participation and democratic debate on key social and economic policy issues that affect our lives.By becoming a charter member of The Oakland Institute, you are building the foundation for a democratic and peaceful future.

As a non-partisan organization, The Oakland Institute accepts no funding from corporations or governments.Your tax-deductible donation will allow The Oakland Institute to conduct independent research, analysis, and advocacy--to facilitate democratic participation in critical decisions that affect our quality of life.

When you join the Oakland Institute you have the satisfaction of underwriting open discussion of critical issues. Free trade agreements, new technologies such as genetic engineering, and governmental funding priorities call for vigorous public discussion of the pros and cons. The Oakland Institute is providing a balancing perspective on such critical issues that are currently greatly under-reported and largely neglected by the mainstream media. The Institute promotes a healthy balance between government, business, and civil society, using human rights as a measure of progress.

Accountability is sorely lacking at the current time. Your donation will help insure a vigilant voice to advocate that people and their environment are considered when decisions are made. We know that ensuring basic human rights for all will take many years of hard work. But we are confident that together we can (work towards that) make significant advances.

As a charter member of The Oakland Institute, you are helping to make history. Please make your tax-deductible donation to The Oakland Institute now. Make your check payable to our fiscal sponsors, the International Forum on Globalization and note that it is for The Oakland Institute.

Please mail your checks to:

The Oakland Institute
P.O. Box 3507
Oakland, CA 94609

Thank you for contributing to this historic campaign for democracy and human rights for all.