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Hot Global Real Estate: 416 Land-Grab Deals

March 6, 2012
Wall Street Journal Market Watch

By Paul B. Farrell


SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Yes, 416 fabulous real estate deals across the globe. If you’re rich, looking for 25% returns and want to get even richer, start by downloading the 62-page list of 416 land grabs from . Yes, 416 large-scale real estate deals in 66 counties, more than 85 million acres, with more coming.

Reminds us of those ever-popular lists of foreclosed properties all over America, with get-rich-quick promises of buying cheap and flipping. You need to check out these 416 real estate investment opportunities now. Get on the inside track of one of the hottest real estate opportunities offered in emerging markets worldwide.

Jump on the world’s hot new land-grabbing trend: Do some research. Who’s making deals? Who’s looking for new partners? A “New 21st-Century Land Rush is On” says Utne magazine’s replay of Terry Allen’s fascinating report In These Times: “Driven by fear and lured by promises of high profits, foreign investors are scooping up vast tracts of farmland in some of the world’s hungriest countries to grow crops for export.”