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Gene Traders:Biotechnology, World Trade, and the Globalization of Hunger

Edited by Brian Tokar

"Read Gene Traders and see with new eyes! Brian
Tokar brings us a gold mine of in-depth
investigations showing exactly how corporations
and global institutions are systematically
manipulating governments, farmers and public
opinion to gain control over our food supply.
Gene Traders provides the detail and insight we
need to take part in the global democracy
movement to reverse this catastrophe."

-- Frances Moore Lappé, author of
Diet for a Small Planet and coauthor of Hope's

"Most people have a gut unease at the prospect of
genetically altered food. This book will make it
clear why that queasiness is absolutely
justified. Clear, concise, well-reported, and
appropriately angry, Gene Traders is an important
document in a crucial debate."

-- Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature and Enough

Genetically engineered agriculture is spreading
around the world due to global trade agreements
and the aggressive tactics of international
financial institutions, governments, and
agribusiness corporations. In this broad and
comprehensive survey, seven authors show how the
interplay of trade policy, "development" politics
and biotechnology increases dependency and
hunger, while compromising the survival of
traditional farmers and their communities.
Gene Traders opens with a revealing look by
editor Brian Tokar at the evolution of the global
movement for food sovereignty that has been
sparked by genetic engineering.

* S'ra DeSantis makes the connections between
trade deals like NAFTA and the FTAA, genetically
modified corn, and the contamination of Latin
American crops.

* Aziz Choudry describes how World Trade
Organization's "intellectual property" rules
promote monopoly rights and biopiracy.

* Brian Tokar examines the World's Bank
promotion of dubious biotech schemes in the name
of sustainability and a new "Green Revolution."

* Mwananyanda Mbikusita Lewanika andLawrence
Tsimese report from Africa about Zambia's food
aid crisis and the continent's tough choices on
food security.

*  Shiri Pasternak explains how food aid has
become food dumping and displaced agricultural

* Devinder Sharma deconstructs world hunger and
the myths of biotech agriculture "feeding the

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