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Eye on Hong Kong: Photos from December 14, 2005

Our World is Not for Sale Network members who organized "Its Always Christmas for the Big Service Corporations!" action at the Convention Center on December 14.

Evil Lockheed Martin reporting on how BAD it has been in 2005 and making a case for moving in on social services in GATS to Satan Santa.

2005 Right Livelihood Award Winners, Tony Clarke and Maude Barlow, as Suez and Satan Santa.

Indian activist Vandana Shiva with Tony Clarke in the Media Center

Bite Back Campaign

The Bite Back Campaign, organized by Friends of the Earth, delivered citizens petitions, "WTO Take Your Hands Off Our Food" to Pascal Lamy's office on December 14.

Caroline Lucas member of the EU Parliament, delivered a basket of fresh organic food to a representative from Pascal Lamy's office, with the message "No to GMOs."

French farmer Jose Bove delivered his message, "If GMOs are forced on farmers we will not only uproot the GMO crops but also the Monsanto's of the world."