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Lim Li Ching, Senior Fellow

Lim Li Ching, a Senior Fellow at the Oakland Institute, works with the biosafety and sustainable agriculture programs at Third World Network (TWN), an international NGO based in Malaysia. TWN is involved in efforts to bring about a greater articulation of the needs and rights of peoples in developing countries; a fair distribution of world resources; and forms of development which are ecologically sustainable and fulfill human needs.

Li Ching has been actively participating at the UN Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety negotiations, its related experts' meetings, and other international, regional and national biosafety meetings. Li Ching is also on the faculty of the international biosafety course 'Holistic Foundations for Assessment and Regulation of Genetic Engineering and Genetically Modified Organisms', which has been organized annually since 2003. She previously worked with the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS), UK, which promotes socially accountable and ecologically sustainable approaches in science. She was the Assistant Editor of the ISIS quarterly magazine, Science in Society, and is the co-author of The Case for a GM-Free Sustainable World, a report of the Independent Science Panel (ISP), of which she is also a member.

A Malaysian national, Li Ching has a M.Phil. in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University. She currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Articles by Lim Li Ching

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