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6th Soil Not Oil Online Conference

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The 6TH Soil Not Oil Online Conference is co-organized by Navdanya International and the Soil Not Oil Coalition and this year, will emphasize the deadline to stop the 6th Mass Extinction which has been linked to loss of biodiversity and the spread of new viruses to which humans have not been in contact yet, causing a new trend of pandemics with unknown implication for human societies. It is why we advocate for agro ecological food systems, regenerative Ag, Ecosystem Restoration and any other tool that will help decarbonize and re-carbonize soils, we promote resilience and will continue connecting people from Kenya Mexico, India, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba the USA and other countries where there are projects worthy to learn about.



We trust the traditional knowledge of Indigenous People's and we honor the borderless collaboration among organizations led by women, caretakers of the land, elderly, youth and others, who are rarely appropriately represented. -We work with them in Chiapas in a daily basis-. Every year our goal is to provide a platform in which the voiceless can speak on behalf of their communities.

Soil Not Oil is an educational event in which attendees learn the root causes, effects and solutions towards creating climate stability. We highly recommend it to students, educators, activists, farmers, scientists, investors, policy makers, health providers, families, urban planners and everyone else concerned with life on earth.

Soil Not Oil banner