Donate to the Oakland Institute and Get to the Root Causes of Impoverishment to Truly Change the World

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear friend,

The word "charity" doesn't call to mind what the Oakland Institute does.

The way we work is to put a huge effort into a pressing matter, like land grabs in Africa, where we can have an impact getting at the roots of a problem, bring together perse and affected parties, and make change happen.

As it is, we aren't funded in the way that classic charities are. We rely on the support and partnership with members like you.

Luckily, our supporters are amazing people who understand that it is not enough to give a hand-out to stop poverty, we have to work for change that puts an end to impoverishing conditions. 

I'm proud to say that this year we've accomplished a lot toward this goal.

Together, we . . .

Still, as you know, we need to keep the pressure on. Bulldozers are on the move all over Africa, and in Asia, Latin America as well. Part of our daily work is to help amplify the calls we get from threatened communities by issuing urgent action alerts, petitions, and press releases on their behalf.

Please do what you can to stop the devastating land deals that affect millions of people by taking away ancestral lands, livelihoods, and the ability to grow food.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us throughout the years. We now ask you to support this important work again with a year-end donation. Thank you!

In peace and wishing you a joyful new year,

Anuradha Mittal
Executive Director, Oakland Institute