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Documentation for African Land Ltd

Download all documentation as .zip file


African Land Brochures and Advertisements

Various media and advertisements by African Land Limited.

 1. Capital Alternatives Video Advertisement.mp4

 2. African_Land_(We_Harvest_You_Profit)_Brochure.pdf

 3. African_Land_(The_World_Needs_Feeding)_Brochure.pdf

 4. African_Farmland_Investment_with_GreenWorld.pdf

 5. Farmland_in_Australia_CA.pdf

 6. Farmland_in_Australia_VA.pdf


Lease Agreements

Official lease agreements and options held by African Land Limited.

 1. Yoni_Farms_ African_Land_Lease.pdf

 2. 16,000_Acre_Option.pdf

 3. 5,000_Acre_Option.pdf

 4. Malema_Chiefdom_Lease.pdf

 5. Tunkia_Chiefdom_and_part_of_Gaura_Chiefdom_Lease.pdf


African Land Not Authorized By Local Leaders to Sublease Land

Statements from the Paramount Chief and Provincial Secretary of Bo District affirming that African Land had no permission to sublease.




Support from the Government of Sierra Leone

Documents from the Sierra Leonean government supporting African Land and classifying them as a “Community Based Organization.” The documents also support the work of Capital Alternatives.

 1. Support_for_African_Land_and_Capital_Alternatives.pdf

 2. Support_for_Capital_Alternatives.pdf

 3. Designation_as_a_Community_Based_Organization.pdf


FCA Case

Statements by African Land and the FCA on the court case.

 1. African_Land_Statement.pdf

 2. FCA_Statement_to_Investors.pdf


Attempts to Sell African Land Despite FCA and Court Order

Documents from African Land Limited and Velvet Assets attempting to find an “angel investor” for Yoni Farms land.

 1. African_Land_Limited_Court_Order.pdf

 2. Sierra_Leone_Farmland_Opportunity.pdf

 3. African_Land_Due_Diligence_Pack.pdf

 4. Velvet_Assets_Corporate_Profile.pdf


General Documentation

 1. Sampling of Investor Questions and Concerns.pdf

 2. SLIEPA Land Acquisition Process.pdf

 3. EY2013 Africa Attractiveness 2013.pdf

 4. Promising_Health_Clinic_in_Sierra_Leone.pdf