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DFID and USAID Investigation Recordings

July 17, 2013

DFID/USAID Meeting with Mursi near Hailewuha, South Omo

An audio recording of a DFID/USAID trip to a Mursi village, South Omo, near Hailewuha. One USAID representative and one USAID intern present, two members of DFID present, one translator, and approximately 30 to 40 Mursi. Translation by Will Hurd.


DFID/USAID Meeting with Bodi near Gura, South Omo

An audio recording of approximately 20 Bodi women and men, two Mursi (one was translating), a USAID representative and USAID intern, two representatives of DFID and one translator were present. A double translation was used for the meeting, from Bodi to Mursi and from Mursi to English.


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