From Anin to Zbuba Report Cover

From Anin to Zbuba

Across the West Bank, farmers lost their land, livelihoods, and even their ability to visit their families when the separation wall was constructed. Under occupation, they also face massive water shortages as Israel diverts water from the Jordan River and the West Bank’s own Mountain Aquifer to Israel and its settlements. Controlling land and water. This is what the occupation is about.
Aida Report Cover

...I Will Become a Kite and Fly Over the Wall

The Palestinian refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are the largest and longest-standing case of displaced persons in the world today. Approximately 8 million out of 12.1 million Palestinians worldwide are forcibly displaced persons (66 percent). This number includes more than 6 million refugees and their descendants from 1948; more than one million 1967 refugees; and 720,000 IDPs on both sides of the Green Line (1949 armistice line...
Life in the Rubble Cover

Life in the Rubble

In the village of Anata, northeast of Jerusalem, the home of Arabiya and Salim Shawamreh has been demolished seven times by the Israeli authorities. It is one of over 14,000 demolition orders issued between 1988 and 2014 against Palestinian-owned structures located in Area C of the West Bank.
Jadu'I: The Lost Watermelon of Jenin, Cover


Jenin is a city located in the northern West Bank where Palestinian farmers used to grow the ba'al succulent watermelon known as Jadu'I. Under the occupation, the Jadu'I was nearly lost. But today, a new generation of agriculturalists are trying to revive it.
Bulldozers and Enclosures Cover

Bulldozers and Enclosures

Israel has brought large swaths of the Naqab desert (Negev in Hebrew) under cultivation. Onions, peppers, asparagus, eggplants, zucchini, Negev tomatoes with a one-month shelf life, peanuts, melons, cantaloupe, and even cotton make the desert green. But Israel’s efforts to further intensify agriculture in the desert face one obstacle – the semi-nomadic Arab Bedouins on their ancestral lands.
The Struggle for Nabi Salih report cover

You Cannot Be Free Without My Freedom

Nabi Salih is a small village with 600 residents located in central West Bank, around 20 kilometers northwest of Ramallah. Since 2009, the villagers have been holding weekly nonviolent marches to protest the Israeli occupation.
Legalizing Dispossession Cover

Legalizing Dispossession

Israel’s land laws and military orders have “legalized” the dispossession and expropriation of Palestinian land for decades. This brief offers a short history of the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, followed by an examination of how government laws, plans, and actions in both Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory have allowed Israel to seize Palestinian land...
Hebron: Life Under Siege cover


“The Israeli soldiers ask for my papers. I am turned away at the security point that blocks off Shuhada Street, which is open to the Israeli Jews and foreign visitors, but closed to the Palestinians. I do not have my US passport on me.”...
Canaan Palestine: Cover

Canaan Palestine

Caanan Palestine helps Palestinian farmers to grow organic crops and get fair trade certification. Improved market access and increased returns on their crops makes it possible for thousands of Palestinian farmers and their families to earn a better living. The project gives hope for the future of food producers living and working under Israeli occupation.


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