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Backroom Bullying Report Cover

Backroom Bullying: The Role of the United States Government in the Herakles Farms’ Land Grab in Cameroon, shows how bullying by US government officials may have played a critical role in the granting of nearly 20,000 ha by the Cameroonian government to the US-based firm Herakles Farms in 2013, instead of the cancellation of clearly flawed project.

The Agricultural and Tree Products Program in Cameroon

Location: West and Northwest Cameroon

Launched in West and Northwest Cameroon in 1999, the Agricultural and Tree Products Program is now working with over 10,000 farmers and 50 entrepreneurs in 485 communities. In addition to establishing more than 40 nurseries where tree propagation techniques are studied and disseminated among farmers, the program improves farmers’ incomes, the environment, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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A new report exposes the significant discrepancies between how Herakles Farms has represented their palm oil plantation project in Cameroon to the public and what it is telling prospective investors and creditors.

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Le présent rapport dénonce les contradictions flagrantes entre, d’une part, la façon dont l’entreprise présente son projet au grand public et, d’autre part, le discours qu’elle tient aux investisseurs et créanciers potentiels. Il révèle également des communications internes qui contredisent les perspectives optimistes pour le projet d’huile de palme présentées par l’entreprise aux investisseurs.

From its very name, American-owned SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon, Ltd. (SGSOC) presents a pro-environment, pro-resources image. This is supported by an impressive-sounding partnership with an NGO by the name of All for Africa and as a package typifies the kind of convoluted modern-day foreign investment going on in Africa. It is sadly all too familiar to communities on the ground. They are unimpressed with promises of infrastructure and jobs, and angry about their loss of land and livelihoods.

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Land Grabber’s Paradise: Cameroonian Environmentalist Faces Trial, While Charges against His Attackers Mysteriously “Disappear”

Arrested, assaulted, and then charged with libel: this is just some of what land and environmental activist Nasako Besingi has faced while helping communities from the southwest region of Cameroon stop US company Herakles Farms from grabbing their lands for the development of a 20,000 hectare palm oil plantation.