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AgInvestment Conferences


What Are AgInvestment Conferences?

Lured by the investment potential of agriculture in Africa, it takes an investor more than capital to acquire the much-touted "land concessions," tax holidays, investment protection agreements with governments, and a friendly investment climate. It takes a new breed of consulting firms, individual consultants, and "investor conferences" to  make the right "connections" to "smoothen" the road to lucrative investments in Africa.

AgInvestment conferences are a new genre of conferences  attended by  global ag-sector end-investors (Pension Funds, Endowments, Foundations, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Institutions, Family Offices and Private Investors), ag-managers, and agribusiness industry executives.  The conference sessions provide perspectives on the asset class, sessions on "The Benefits of Farmland to the Institutional Portfolio." However the real attraction is the opportunity for networking over lunch and cocktail receptions, business deals that are maneuvered in the corridors, bars, and private meeting rooms of fancy hotels such as Inter Continental in Geneva or The Waldorf Astoria in New York, venues of Global AgInvesting Conferences.


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