Janhavi Mittal

Ahead of the Supreme Court Ruling on the petition challenging the FRA, Nivada Rana addresses the protest meeting in Delhi. She had traveled all the way from Suda village in Dudhwa National park to speak on behalf of her Tharu Adivasi community in the Supreme Court, but has had to return home after several postponements in the  court hearing. Credit: Janhavi Mittal / The Oakland Institut
August 5, 2019
International civil society must continue to demand that the government of India not only defend the FRA, a progressive legislation that protects traditional forest dwelling communities, but also ensure its careful and widespread implementation.
An inspiring win: The Dongria Kondh tribe ( pictured in exhibition) of the bauxite rich Niyamgiri Hills effectively mobilised the FRA to resist mining operations by Vedanta Aluminium Ltd.
April 10, 2018
Cries of Maharbani Nakko, hakk havet (keep your favors, we want our rights) rend the early-morning sky as 40,000 farmers and forest dwellers from Maharashtra arrived in Mumbai a little before midnight on March 11, 2018.