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Anuradha Mittal Urges HRC on Judicial Process for Rights Abuse

June 1, 2015
Ceylon Independent

Anuradha Mittal, the Executive Director of the Oakland Institute and the author of the report, “The Long Shadow of War: The Struggle for Justice in Post-war Sri Lanka” released on Wednesday has urged the UN Human Rights Council to focus on establishing a judicial process under auspices of the UN to ensure justice is done to the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

She made this call during the international media conference call held on Thursday in California, to discuss the findings of her report, which details Human Rights abuses and property seizures in Sri Lanka.

“Given the past records of government inaction, international pressure is critical for any decisive action. Instead of pursuing their geostrategic interests, US, India and other countries should demand the release of the UN inquiry. The Human Rights Council should focus on establishing a judicial process under the auspices of the UN to ensure justice is done” Anuradha said.

In her statement Anuradha also criticized the appointment of  Major General Dias as the Army Chief of Staff, despite the fact that under his command the 57th division was implicated in serious human rights abuses. His appointment, she said “casts doubts on government’s pledge to credibly investigate war crimes”.