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Annual Report, 2004-2005

"There is no such thing as spontaneous public opinion. It all has to be manufactured
from a center of conviction and energy." - Beatrice Webb


Why We Oppose CAFTA-DR
May, 2005

Contamination by Experimental Genetically Engineered Crops Should Not be “Found Acceptable”
March, 2005

Inequity in International Agricultural Trade:The Marginalization of Developing Countries and Their Small Farmers
March 2005

Aceh Abandoned: Second Tsunami
February 2005

A Mean Budget
February, 2005

Europe Still Resisting GMOs
December 2004

Hunger in America
December 2004

Don't Dare Despair
November 2004

America AmBUSHed: Report Card on Bush's Four Years in the White House
October 2004

Referendum in Venezuela: An Eyewitness Account of a Historical Home Run
August 2004


International Conference on Hunger, Food Aid, and GMOS, Mozambique
July 2004

Democracy Uprising: Daily Reports from the Republican National Convention, New York
August 2004

Papers Presented

Food Sovereignty: A New Farm Economy to Challenge Economic Globalization
July 2004

Food Fight
October 22, 2004

Another World is Possible
November, 2004


Oakland Institute in the News 2004-2005

In its very first year, the Oakland Institute has been extremely successful in generating print, radio and television coverage and in bringing forward issues regarding human rights, hunger, genetic engineering, and the impact of free trade agreements on the working poor into the public realm.

This media coverage included opinion editorials, magazine articles, interviews, and quotes in both mainstream and independent media. The Oakland Institute also utilized the internet to publish numerous articles and opinion pieces on news websites.

Some of this media coverage included (parentheses = number of different stories):


The New York Times (3) * Sacramento Bee * San Francisco Chronicle * San Francisco Bay View * The Sonoma State Star * Chico Times * Foreign Policy * Utne Magazine * Share International * GeneWatch * Race, Poverty & the Environment  * The Public Eye *  Food Connections * Agribusiness Examiner * Agriculture Today, India (2) * Brazil de Fato, Brazil (4) * Ottawa Citizen, Canada * Farmers Forum, India * Tierramérica, Latin America (2)


Earthbeat Radio Show, Washington, DC * Beyond Organic Radio,  New Haven, Connecticut * Asia Pacific Forum, WBAI, New York (4) * KPFA, Berkeley (6) * KPFK, Los Angeles (7) * CKUT, Montreal, Canada (2) * WVMR, Marin * KPO,  San Francisco *  KFCF, Fresno * WNWS, Tennessee * KFTK, St. Luis * WZBC, Boston * WNUR, Chicago * KVMR, Nevada City (5)


NOW, PBS News Show * PBS* The Bay Area NBC *  The Bay Area ABC * The Voice, Public Access TV, Channel 29 * IndyMedia * Public Access TV, Humboldt * Total T.V., India * Jain T.V., India

News Websites

Common Dreams (5) * Yale Global Online * fogcity.blogs * * * * * * * * (3) * * (3) * (2) * Undernews * The Edge

Speaking Engagements 2004-2005

Ripe for Change: Rethinking California's Food Economy. ISEC, San Francisco

Genetic Engineering: Endangering the World's Food and Farms.  Reclaim the Commons Teach In, San Francisco

The New Face of Agriculture: Linking Justice with Sustainability. California Food and Justice Summit, Los Angeles

Global Struggle Against GMOs and GE Free Alameda. Coalition for GE Free Alameda, Berkeley

Towards Ensuring Food Sovereignty. International Conference on Hunger, Food Aid and GMOs, Maputo, Mozambique

Food Sovereignty: A New Farm Economy to Challenge Economic Globalization. XI World Congress of Rural Sociology, Trondheim, Norway

Joining Hands Against Hunger: Free Trade or Freedom from Hunger. Presbyterian Hunger Program, Tacoma, Washington

The New Human Rights Movement: Linking Ecology With Equity. University of Rhode Island Honors Colloquium, Rhode Island

Food Sovereignty: Challenging Corporate Takeover of our Food System. Science, Technology, And Society Colloquium Series, Bucknell University, Pennsylvania

Hunger: From Around the World to Our Own Backyard. Hunger Awareness Week, DePaul University, Chicago

The Role of the Civil Society in a Globalized World. Bridging Global Gaps: Forum 2000 Conference, Prague, Czech Republic

Food Fight. San Francisco Food Professionals Society, San Francisco

Food Democracy. Harvest Dinner, Presbyterian Church, Montclair

Another World is Possible. Dutch Social Forum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Road Ahead for International Philanthropy: Post Election 2004. Grantmakers Without Borders & Northern California Grantmakers, San Francisco

Alternatives to the Globalization: Another World is Possible. IFG, San Francisco

Third Annual West Coast Hunger Summit. National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, UC Berkeley

Why Oppose CAFTA? Board of Directors Meeting, American Jewish World Service, San Francisco

Globalization & Resistance. KPFA, San Francisco  

Bread & Water: Securing the Essentials. The Education for Sustainable Living Program, UC Santa Barbara & UC Los Angeles

IPRS: Intellectual Property Rights or Piracy Rights. International Sprouts Grower Association Convention, San Francisco

The Global Price of Free Trade. Provisions Library, Washington DC

Hunger Banquet. Sonoma State University

Biodevastation to Biodemocracy. Philadelphia

On May 5, 2005, Hans Schoepflin hosted the Institute's first aniversary celebration and fundraiser dinner in his home. Featuring an organic Indian meal cooked by the incredible chef Ali Ghiorse and by the Institute's staff, this event brought together community activists, local farmers, and our friends. We are proud to share some moments and congratulatory messages from our international partners.

Congratulatory Messages From Our Partners