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African land rights activists face local persecution and international complicity.

November 21, 2015
This is Hell!

There is a rush—for land and water—and you have these so called 'investors' charging in, corrupting local officials, and all of this supported by the development paradigm promoted by donor countries and institutions such as the World Bank. It is seen as making yourself attractive to foreign investors. And whoever gets in the way has to be criminalized and put in jail.

Oakland Institute founder Anuradha Mittal profiles the heroic, dangerous work of Global South land rights activists like Nasako Besingi and Pastor Omot Agwa, who face violence and terror charges from hostile governments fueled and funded by private equity firms, international development agencies and governments reaping profit from environmental destruction and property crimes against local villagers and farmers.

The Oakland Institute just posted the release International Civil Society Alarmed by Conviction of Cameroonian Environmental Human Rights Defender.