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Kristen Lyons


Kristen Lyons is a social researcher and advocate working on issues related to development, the environment and energy futures. Kristen works across international settings, including East Africa, the Pacific, and Australia, has been engaged in work on forestry and carbon markets, Indigenous rights and resource extractivism, agro-forestry and organic agriculture.

Across each of these areas, Kristen is deeply engaged in investigating justice and rights dimensions and issues, including Indigenous rights, and her work contributes to public debates and policy.

Kristen was awarded a doctorate in Sociology from Central Queensland University, Australia, in 2001. Along with her background in Environmental Science, she has a strong commitment to research and advocacy that is focused on environmental and social justice. Kristen lives in Brisbane, Australia, where she is an Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Queensland. Here she directs the Masters of Development Practice, and has worked with the Global Change Institute to establish a Human Rights Consortium.